Jessica Lee: So… Aiden Drest, right?

Aiden Drest: That is how I am known to you mortals, yes — though I had sent ahead instructions on how I am to be introduced.

JL: What’s this now?

(The Stage Manager hands Jessica some papers)

JL: (Reading the papers) This is how you want me to introduce you?

AD: If you value your life, yes.

JL: But this is far too long for an introduction… “Aiden Drest, the Baron of Darkness, progeny of Sylvia DuBois, Lord Commander of the Four Dark Devas of D–“

Stage Manager: We’re on in five… four… three…

AD: (Smirking as he turns to the camera)

JL: (Just before the Stage Manager signals they’re live, she quickly tosses the papers behind her) Good evening, Baltimore! We’re back in the studio with yet another Mythos character interview! Tonight we have with us Mister Aiden Drest.”

AD: (Slowly turns to glare at Jessica Lee, waiting expectantly for her to keep going)

JL: (Smiling widely) Thank you for coming on the show, Aiden.

AD: (Visibly agitated) It is my pleasure, Jessica.

JL: (Somehow seeming more pleased with herself) Now you’re a character that’s going to play some role in the upcoming Chapter Three of Mythos: Book One — but you’ve had an appearance in the game already, yes?

AD: Indeed I have. I was present in the climax of the second chapter’s events, playing a pivotal role in the story. The fulcrum upon which the progression of all things–

JL: So it says here you were entrusted with the key to Sylvia’s personal office, which you lost?

AD: (Eye twitching) There was coercion or mystical chicanery in play, I assure you. I am gifted with a will like iron. None can dominate the Baron of Darkness.

JL: (Feigning ignorance) The Baron of Darkness? Would that be you?

AD: (Gritting teeth) Yes.

JL: Adorable. So the next Chapter of Mythos begins the deeper investigation lead by Nelson and company. What role will you play in that? Will there be another responsibility you’re tricked into blowing off?

AD: I… no, certainly not! If the player so chooses, they may investigate me as a suspect in the death of Lisa Harrison.

JL: Well, that would make some sense, wouldn’t it? You are a vampire, after all.

AD: Just because I am a brethren of the night does not mean I am some murderous beast! Nay, that human sorceress was beneath my notice. I’d rarely even dealt with her, for she’d spent most of her time with Sylvia.

JL: Sylvia DuBois, correct? The one who turned you into a vampire.

AD: A gross oversimplification of things, but yes.

JL: And would you say you were envious of the amount of time Sylvia was spending with Lisa?

AD: What? No. No! I’ve my own affairs to attend to.

JL: Ah, I see. Like what?

AD: Well… I must oversee my domain and my mortal thralls within it.

JL: Your domain? So you’re in control of part of Baltimore?

AD: Yes. Well, in a manner of speaking.

JL: Which part would that be?

AD: It’s… well, it’s not within the city proper, but one of the outlying territories…

JL: Ahhh, so you oversee one of the suburbs outside of Baltimore?

AD: Yes. Well, part of one.

JL: (Skeptically) Just how large is your domain?

AD: Over one million square feet!

JL: That’s… an odd measurement. So that’d be… about twenty-five acres.

AD: Across two floors, yes.

JL: Across two–is it a building?

AD: It is a hub of human commerce!

JL: A mall.

AD: Mortals from miles around gather under my watchful eye, where I observe their doings from the shadows.

JL: You hang out in a mall.

AD: I tire of your questions into that which your feeble mind cannot comprehend!

JL: Ah, my apologies, Baron. So why is it you go by “Aiden Drest”?

AD: My name?

JL: Right; did you choose it upon becoming a vampire?

AD: Ah, well… it is customary for one to change their name upon joining the ranks of the undead, so as to sever ties from their former identity.

JL: But you still hang out at the mall?

AD: Overseeing my domain!

JL: And other than that, you’re something like Sylvia’s “muscle,” I understand?

AD: (Pausing) Ah… yes, I am her finest warrior, as well as her only offspring.

JL: Strong enough to kill?

AD: Hah. Easily.

JL: (Stares)

AD: … what?

JL: Was just a question. Is there anything you’d like to tell our viewers at home?

AD: I would. (Looking to the camera) Mortals of Baltimore and the surrounding suburbs, heed me! Dark times will be upon us soon! The Void itself digs talons into the souls of the unwary, bringing forth the most twisted of urges from deep within the psyche of the weak! As Baron of Darkness, I am of course immune to such corruptions — but should you find yourself succumbing to such nihilistic callings, seek me out! I often dwell in the sunken seating area at–

JL: (Rolling her eyes, cutting in) And that’s all the time we have for tonight! Stay tuned for Heidi with the weather!

AD: Impudent wench! You know not who you trifle with!

JL: (Smiling at the camera, ignoring Aiden) Until next time, Baltimore! I’m Jessica Lee, WETT Channel 6 news. Keep the legends alive!