Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a difference between the female and male paths?

As far as story goes, there is no difference between male and female variants. As far as relationships go, all of the love interests will be female. Sex scenes, of course, will be different by necessity, but nothing regarding the story of Mythos will be “locked” based on your main character’s gender.

There will be some jokes that are only on the female path or only on the male path due to them only making sense in those contexts! Maybe not enough to justify a whole separate playthrough, though.

Is Lisa a love interest?

Lisa is dead a week before the game even begins; her death is the catalyst for the entire story.

You didn't answer my question!

Didn’t I? 

What does "Nine of Swords" mean?

I love foxes, and so I wanted it to be “Ninetails Studios”. When I was making the logo for “Ninetails Studios” the plan was to have nine tails fanned out behind a fox head. But I suck at designing logos, so it ended up looking like nine blades instead of nine tails.

As I was thinking about maybe redesigning it, I remembered that the Nine of Swords tarot card represents anxiety and stress, which definitely fits me, so I changed the name of the studio.

Will there be pregnancy?

I got this question relatively frequently, and my answer was always “no”, because I don’t have a pregnancy fetish. However, I’ve recently learned that some of these people aren’t asking for pregnant sex, but the possibility to start a family with one of the characters. I just assumed everyone was asking about naughty times because, ya know… porn.

So will characters possibly become pregnant? I’m not against that idea, so maybe. Will pregnant characters be banging? Still no.

When will the next update release?

Eventually! I don’t give release dates, or even release estimates, for a few reasons.

– Dates will be broken. Something will go wrong. Then I’m faced with the choice of delaying (upsetting the players) or releasing something that’s not ready (upsetting the players).

– I don’t know how long things take. I’m really, really bad at gray-area stuff, and if there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that game development is not a straightforward process. Re-renders, re-writes, and whole new stories spring up that have to be dealt with.

– I give weekly updates of what I’ve done, and now I’ve begun adding how much I have to do… And if you’ve been following my updates, that “stuff to be done” list changes (lending credence to my second point).

Short answer: When it’s ready.

Do you plan on making Mythos/Nine of Swords your full-time job?

Right now, I don’t think that’s feasible. I’m not only a married person with a mortgage, but both my wife and I have some medical issues that – while not debilitating – require us to keep our medical insurance for our own peace of mind. Mythos would have to be a phenomenal success for quite a while before I’d have the money to allow me to quit my stable job to pursue being a full-time Dev.

Now, if I’m still doing this when I hit retirement age (in about… 24 years), I’d happily do this full time. Also, if on the very slim chance there’s some big changes to health care costs in the US, that could adjust my situation.

Is there a "Harem Route" planned?

Why, yes! But that’s not all. As far as romance paths, you have options.

– Harem Route: You get a whole bunch of girls. Standard harem, really. You have to actually balance a bit to pull it off, though; can you have the girls like you enough to tolerate sharing you?

– Monogamous Route: For most of the girls, there’s a monogamy route planned! There’s a few where monogamy won’t make sense, as far as affection, but you can stick to just one sexually if you want to.

– Celibacy Route: If you want to play an AVN without the A, this one is for you! All of the sexual content in the game is optional. You can play this like a murder mystery without ever having genitals touched.

Will there be incest?

No. Just hard no. Not only would that get me kicked off Patreon, but I feel like incest would need to be more of the focus of the story. Book One is about a character investigating a murder — not exactly the right time to suddenly feel like boffing their sister, since those sorts of dilemmas would detract from the actual point of the story.

Okay, so you say that, but is there a patch for it? Wink wink?

I really mean it! No incest! I have nothing against incest games (I like quite a few of them), but the story focus of Mythos just doesn’t leave much room for those kinds of taboo explorations.

What fetishes are absolutely not going to be included?

So typically this question is actually the opposite: “What fetishes are you planning?”

Since sex isn’t my primary concern with these games, the topic of what sexual situations may come up is pretty wide open, so long as it fits the character (or characters) involved.

That being said — due to my own personal tastes and some restrictions based on my release platforms, some fetishes are never going to be included:

– Incest (noted above)
– Sex while pregnant
– Anything involving feet
– Scat
– Bestiality
– Pedophilia
– Necrophilia
– Gore/Vore/Anything blood

And I’m sure there’s some I’m forgetting, so I’ll add to this list as more people ask for specific things. Anything not on this list is a “maybe”, if not an outright “yes.”