Meet the Cast

Main Cast

The Main Character

A regular guy/gal living a mundane life, our Hero was startled to learn that their ex-girlfriend was dead. Curiosity over the cause of this death leads them into a web of mystical beings and secret societies. The police can’t help (or won’t), so they decide to investigate on their own.


Where does she work? Where does she live? Nobody really seems to know what B’s “deal” is. She’s often hanging around out on the street somewhere, but she has an unnerving knack for being in the right place with the right information.

Tara Norwood

The Main Character’s best friend of many years. Tara’s a loud and rowdy farm girl that plays her music too loud and drives her truck too fast. When the Main Character needs her help, she’s ready and willing to assist in any way she can.

Rain Sunbeam

That can’t be her real name, right? Rain is the owner of Gaia’s Cradle — a greenhouse in East Baltimore. Lisa had been working part-time for Rain, which seems to strike the Main Character as an odd arrangement.


Working at CyberDaze, a trendy gadget store near Tara’s workplace, Sophia has helped the Main Character on multiple occasions when something went screwy with tech. Sophia also seems to know about any topic that people want to ask her about. 

Mara MacLachlan

A Detective with the Maryland State Police, MacLachlan has put her sights on the Main Character after the ruckus that was caused at Lisa’s apartment. Her scrutiny only gets more intense as she discovers the weirdness that follows.

Monica Schwartz

Monica [REDACTED] that works for [REDACTED] supernatural [REDACTED] She was also [REDACTED] death. Rain [REDACTED].

Lisa Harrison

The Main Character’s ex-girlfriend. Lisa died unexpectedly roughly one week before the events of Mythos: Book One take place. The Main Character is determined to find out just what could have caused Lisa’s early demise.