Alright, everyone! There were actually a few people asking about when this segment was going to come back, so here it is: Ask the Dev questions are now open.

For those of you who are new to this, here’s how it works:

Instead of posing a question to one of the Mythos characters (a la “Ask the Cast”), you can send in questions to me. The questions can be about  anything you want (though I may not answer some obviously personal ones); it could be about my lore, game design, my real-life hobbies… really, anything. 

Last time I said you could ask questions to Morgana as well, since she was planning on working more on Mythos with me at that point. However, her full-time job pulled her away from Mythos, so it’s just me again. You can ask Morgana questions if you want, but she’s under even less obligation to answer them than I am. 

There are many ways in which you can ask your questions:

  • Reply to this post
  • Reply to the redirect post I put on SubscribeStar/Patreon/
  • Reply to the Tweet that brought you here
  • Reply to a thread on an adult gaming forum that you see me active on
  • DM me on Twitter
  • DM me on SubscribeStar/Patreon
  • DM me on an adult gaming forum that you see me active on
  • Put a question in the #ask-the-dev channel on our Discord

You can ask as many questions as you want. Chances are if you ask too many you’ll be overlapping with questions someone else already asked, so try not to bombard me with questions! Also, I won’t be putting the names of who asked these questions, mostly because I may need to rephrase questions, or combine them if a few people ask what’s basically the same thing, but this also means you don’t have to worry about people making fun of you for asking something. Not that I think any of the Mythies are mean like that, but just to add that bit of security to the more shy people.

Anyway, looking forward to your questions! I’m not setting a hard date for when questions are being cut off, but it will be no earlier than February 5th, so get them in while you can. I’ll either shut it down on the 5th or when I feel like I have enough questions.

Keep the Legends Alive!

– Nine ♥