What’s up, Mythies?! DJ Costco Hotdog is comin’ at you live from B-more!!!

… I’m sorry, I don’t know why I said that.

It’s Friday Update time! Woo!

There after the scene I just got proofread yesterday, there are only four left to write! It’s exciting to think about how I’m actually going to finish a complete game. Sure, it’ll be shorter than a lot of AVNs out there, but I’ve seen shorter. Plus this is the start of a whole long-ass series. Getting a game complete will definitely be an accomplishment considering how many get abandoned before reaching this point. 

Not much else in the Mythos news that I can provide right now. Be on the lookout for a post early next week covering a new feature that I haven’t even hinted at, yet. Also, if you haven’t read the answers to the latest Ask the Dev, or if you haven’t filled out the most recent Book Two survey, check those out now! They both give some great peeks into what’s in store for the future of Mythos.

In other games news, Update 17 for Come Home just had a trailer drop. It’s very NSFW, so watch with discretion!

I wanna thank everyone who reached out to me as soon as they heard the news about the Baltimore bridge collapse. As the news has come out, it sounds like they did a fantastic job at making sure the casualties were minimal, but unfortunately, several people did lose their lives in the disaster. Not only that, but this is probably going to impact things in the city (and the world) for years to come. 

In personal stuff, we attended the Baltimore Spring Fairy ball over the weekend! It was a fun time, and we plan to go to the Autumn version this coming November. It was held in Westminster Hall, which is a former church that sits upon the graveyard and catacombs in which Edgar Allen Poe is buried. We even got a tour of the catacombs underground, which (thankfully) wasn’t as scary as I worried it’d be. 

But non-fun personal stuff: My stepfather is in a very bad state of mind, as he’s just learned that he has to get both of his knees replaced. The doctor actually recommended that he have it done immediately, but he instead opted for some kind of gel injections to put it off a little while longer. My stepfather is terrified, and hopefully, my parents can deal with him being out of work for four to six months, but on the bright side his doctor assures him that after the recovery he will feel “immense relief”. I’ll be here to help as needed, of course. 

That’s all I got for you this week! I’ll see you all in April with a whole new bunch of… me, I guess.

Keep the legends alive,
– Nine