Hey, y’all! I know it’s another update coming a day later than usual, but the whole reason I changed the name of these things from “Friday Update” to “Weekly Update” is so I wouldn’t get chained down to a particular day. Much like with everything else, my shackles are of my own making!

Happy 4/20 to those who celebrate. Make sure to have beef today. Why? Because… the steaks have never been higher!

Ahem. Sorry.

I wanted to do this last week but we got hit with the possible bad news about Morgana (more on that later), so let’s go over the data collected from the most recent survey! There was definitely one participant who put in multiple entries, but I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume this was done due to a form submission error. Sure someone wouldn’t submit the same exact set of responses multiple times and think I wouldn’t notice, right?


Anyway, I’m not going to show all the results, because I want some thing about book two to be a surprise. In last week’s update I showed the results for “how important to you is the sexual content in the Mythos games?”, so let’s look at the character questions.

Who’s your favourite of the main cast?

Pie charts! I’m so fancy. You already know.

The results from this one were somewhat surprising. I thought Tara and Mara would be fighting for first, but B somehow wins as the fan favourite. Very surprised to see Lisa as high as she is, and even more surprised to see Mara so low. I pretty much knew Sophia would be least favourite, sadly. I kinda knew Rain wouldn’t be that high in the rankings, too.

Which of the main cast would you get rid of, if given the choice?

… okay, so I figured that the most popular option here would be “keep them all”, but I wanted to see just how overwhelming that majority was. I was expecting it to be about 75-80% for keeping the entire cast, so I guess I wasn’t as close to the mark as I’d thought. However, with that out of the way, let’s see who the least popular is…

Once again, B has the most votes. Apparently she’s either loved or hated! Again, Sophia shows herself as the least popular of the Mythos girls (sad), but you may notice something surprising about these numbers. Sure, Tara and Mara (as predicted) don’t have many people who want them gone. But absolutely nobody voted for Lisa in this. I thought there’d be at least a handful of people who’d say they want Lisa out of the picture! I had to recheck the numbers to be sure I had this right. If you voted Lisa as your least favourite, please let me know; the survey may have bugged out or something.

And now on to the personal miscellaneous stuff. 

Many people have privately (or semi-publicly, I guess?) asked about updates on Morgana’s health situation. Unfortunately, the soonest she can see a cancer specialist is May 11th. This wasn’t entirely unexpected; the mammogram she had back in December was about an hour’s drive away and we had to wait months for it. I’ve no idea why wait times are so long for issues of boob health. I do thank everyone for their concern, and for their reassurances that most of the time these lumps aren’t much to worry about. I’ll still be glad to know for certain, one way or another. 

The shock of the news had me totally forget to tell you all about the wonderful experience with the penguins at the Maryland Zoo! For a refresher: Penguins are Morgana’s absolute favourite animal, and she’d told me that it was her dream to actually meet and touch a penguin. It had me wondering if there was a way to have that wish come true, and it turns out there was! You can get tickets to a “Penguin Encounter“, which is where they take a small group of people into a special area where penguins will just wander around and let you pet them. Morgana was beyond excited when the door opened and a horde of waddling penguins came out to us. One of the penguins actually hunkered down next to Morgana and stayed with her the entire time. 

We left with two penguin plushies, which I guess was some consolation that I made sure Morgana didn’t leave the house with a penguin-sized sack to smuggle one out. 

This weekend is also our 11-year wedding anniversary! Well, technically; it’s on Monday, but we’re celebrating it tomorrow. We’re not doing anything big or flashy, but it’s a nice little annual reminder that we found each other.

Alright, this update has been kinda long (and a day later than usual, mea culpa), so I’m gonna cut it here. 

Keep the legends alive!
– Nine