This is gonna be a brief check-in more than anything else. I posted to most social media (whatever I could remember) that this would be a day late in coming, and I still really can’t find a way to post a full-on update so I’ll just at least let you all in on what caused the delay.

A few months ago I mentioned that Morgana had found a lump in her breast and we had taken her to get a mammogram, which was thankfully negative. I made sure not to mention any of this until after the fact so as not to unduly alarm anybody (or, for the cynics, to make people think I was pandering for sympathy). 

Last week, Morgana found another lump. She went to the doctor yesterday, who felt yet another. As such, she has a referral to a cancer specialist to check her genes to see if she has “the cancer gene”, as well as another mammogram to go through. Hopefully, we can find one closer and sooner than last time!

I know that four months is a very short amount of time, so even if any of these lumps turn out to be cancerous we’re catching it quite early. It’s still a harrowing thought of what may be ahead for us. Here, a day later, I’ve calmed down a bit, but I can’t help but dread the worst-case scenario. I thankfully have health insurance for us, and I think she’ll be financially covered by her job for having to miss time for surgery (if it’s needed). I’m sort of rambling here, my apologies. 

That’s what’s going on in our lives right now; next week I’ll be giving a more game-related update. It’s hard to focus on much, right now.

I did start putting together the data from the last survey, so I’ll give a little preview of that.

When asked how important the sexual content was in Mythos, the answers were… all over the place.

It skews more toward the higher end than I’d anticipated, but the majority seems to be kinda in the middle. Not sure what to make of this spread, to be honest. I was expecting more of a bell curve, I suppose. Or maybe a slant toward “less important”. Being as there’s not a whole lot of sexual content in Mythos, seeing it ranking so high for so many is a bit perplexing. Hopefully I can figure that out.

Anyway, that’s all I have for this week. Morgana and I are going to do some RPGs with some friends.

Keep the legends alive!
– Nine