Howdy, y’all! March is almost over, which means winter is over, which means my backwards-ass seasonal depression will be kicking up any day now. Yaaaaay.

Yeah, I get seasonal depression when it’s warmer. That stuff during the winter is just my normal depression.

I was a rendering machine this week! I didn’t get too much writing done, as I realized that one of the sets that’s going to be used… isn’t really built for what the scene is going to be. So I had to rearrange things with the existing set (it’s a place you’ve seen before, you’re just seeing more of it), then do a few renders to make sure I could frame things properly in the newish space. Hopefully the camera angles will keep the continuity rolling!

There was a lot of talk in various places about werewolves. I know the game basically has a meme of “werewolves don’t exist!” Do they? I’m not telling, yet. But I will give you the background on why that became a thing.

I’ve had bad experiences with werewolves.

No, not in real life, werewolves don’t exist!

I’ve been doing role-playing games since the mid-80s, starting with D&D (as most do). But in the 90s I delved deeply into the World of Darkness, starting with Vampire: the Masquerade (as most do). Once I discovered the broader World of Darkness setting, I realized that Mage: the Ascension was the best of the lot, and latched on to it. The problem is… nobody in the real world ever seems to want to run a Mage game, and whenever I tried to run one, the players just couldn’t grasp the concept. In my mind, Changeling: the Dreaming is far more complicated, but I’m aware of my brain not working like most people’s.

So I had to get my Mage fix somehow, and I found online roleplaying. Of course I’d done that before (Rhy’din chat rooms — I know some of you know exactly what I’m talking about), but there were tons of chat sites out there specifically for the World of Darkness, so I joined up. It’s no secret that the roleplaying community has it’s share of jerks and elitists, but almost every irritating prat I came across was a Werewolf: the Apocalypse player. Maybe it’s because of the “alpha/omega” concepts built into the game’s lore, maybe it’s that it’s the game most geared towards combat, or maybe I just ran into every shitty Werewolf player out there. There were a few nice ones, of course; I’m not saying everyone that played a Werewolf was an asshole, but everyone that was an asshole played a Werewolf. There were far more Get of Fenris Ahroun that wanted to eat people than there were Glass Walkers that could hold a conversation without it turning to fighting or sex.

Flash forward to the 2010s! I’m deeply involved in Second Life (which, surprisingly, is still up and running!), and guess where I ended up? The roleplaying sims, of course! Modern fantasy is my jam (big surprise) so I played in almost every modern fantasy sim I could find. I had some good times, of course… but I also had some very bad times (which is why I’ve quit Second Life permanently). Who was behind the bad times you may ask? Probably not, you know where this is going: I had a long, long string of awful experiences with Werewolf players. Not World of Darkness Werewolf players — any setting with werewolves seemed to attract the insufferables.

And also Scottish bikers. Seriously, I don’t have a problem with Scots and/or bikers, but why are all the Werewolves on Second Life Scottish bikers? That’s just a weird stereotype that I didn’t even know existed.

Anyway, that explanation probably went on too long. The point is, the whole “werewolves don’t exist” thing basically stems from my subconscious dislike of werewolves — not because of the concept of werewolves themselves, but because of all the people I’ve met who liked werewolves that happened to be absolute shitlords.

I must stress again, however — this is not me confirming or denying the existence of werewolves. Just me explaining why I have such a weird stance on them.









Stuff completed:

  • Complete Side Image Re-Revamp (163 images)
  • Story Flow Chart
  • UI Improvements
  • Introduction Scene by Nine
  • Scene: Apologies to the Serling Estate
  • Scene: A Little Help from my Friends
  • Scene: Yeah, About That…
  • Scene: It Goes to 11
  • Scene: Shantay, You Stay
  • Scene: Your Call is Very Important to Us
  • Scene: Reach Out and Touch Someone
  • Creation of New Characters
  • New Mythos Logo (commissioned)

Stuff in progress:

  • Scene: Fuck the Police (Rendering)
  • Scene: Ah, My Goddess! (Writing/Rendering)
  • Scene: Touched by an Angel (Writing/Rendering)
  • Scene: Magic, the Gathering (Writing/Rendering)
  • Scene: Grumpy Old Men (Writing/Rendering)
  • Scene: Werther’s Original (Writing/Rendering)
  • Scene: The Lyin’ Bitch and her Wardrobe (Writing/Rendering)
  • New Music Tracks (4/?)

Stuff to do:

  • Maybe learn After Effects?
  • Scene: Ventrilo Harassment
  • Scene: It’s Been Revoked
  • Scene: Who Ya Gonna Call?
  • Scene: Cry Little Sister
  • Scene: Fancy
  • Scene: My Immortal
  • Sex Animations (Simplified?)
  • Chapter Three Title Screen
  • New Opening Title Sequence (If I learn After Effects)
  • Number of good Coldplay songs (0)

Keep the Legends Alive!

– Nine