Greetings, ah… Mythies. This is S–er–Sophia here, with this week’s update. I must be careful to not say too the wrong thing, for fear of giving away spoilers to those who have somehow still not completed Chapter Three.

Nine has been having some intestinal distress today, and has tasked me with delivering the Mythos news of the week. They certainly cannot do so from the bathroom, and I’m certain that they are completely comfortalbe with me giving you this information.

As you can see, the checklist of tasks is now part of the Friday Update, but it looks a bit more bare-bones than before. This is not to say there will not be much to be done for Chapter Four, but that Nine will have a firmer grasp of what “extras” will be necessary in terms of things other than renders and writing. We currently do not forsee much getting in the way this round, unlike in previous chapters where there were various changes to the game’s core and other disasters that warranted Nine’s attentions.

Unfortunately, there is not much of excitement to note, currently. Nine has plotted the general course of the chapter, which was difficult in that they had to plot out every pertinent piece of evidence one could use to properly accuse a killer, and then decide how the player can go about obtaining said information. With that settled, the actual writing can begin!

With that being said, do keep the legends alive!

– “Sophia”

Scenes to be Done:

  • It’s Always Sunny in Baltimore
  • Law and Mordor
  • High School Never Ends
  • Born in a Barn
  • Fairy Tail
  • Ghostbusters!
  • Things That Go Bump in the Night
  • It’s LeviOsa, Not LeviosA!
  • We Will Rock You
  • I Choose You!
  • For Here or To Go?
  • Doing the Dailies
  • Lobster Thermidor aux Crevette with a Mornay Sauce, Served in a Provençale Manner, with Shallots and Aubergines, Garnished with Truffle Pâté, Brandy, and with a Fried Egg on Top — and Spam

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