Good news: I got done about half the renders for “We Will Rock You!”

Bad news: I have to delete and redo them all. 

As I was reviewing them, I noticed that one of the characters (dammit Rin) had her whole-ass leg clipping into a sofa in a very obvious way, just apparently not obvious enough for me to notice it until I’d gone through a bunch of renders. It’s bad enough that I can’t fix it by spot rendering or Photoshop healing tool, so… yay. This week’s work basically wasted. 

But hey, considering how much faster than usual this chapter has been going, I’m still ahead of my typical pace. After this, it’s practically done and ready for testing. Yeah, yeah, there’s the sex scene part, I guess… but all the important stuff will be done!

There’s something I’ve forgotten to mention here for the past few weeks: I’ve joined BlueSky! With Twitter becoming (somehow) worse and worse, I figure it’s good to distance myself from it a bit and try to hop on to other networks with the hopes that they’ll be better. It’s kinda hard to be worse at this point…

I also have two invite codes for people, though I worry that by the time most people read this I’ll have already given them out. So… first come, first serve. 

Nothing interesting going on in my personal life of note, so that’s something. I’m glad to have less “interesting times” to be living in, for the moment.

Fun Fact: “Interesting Times” was one of the possible titles for Mythos!

Chapter Five Scene Progress: All scenes written and coded!

  • Fairy Tail, Part Two – Complete!
  • Doing the Dailies – Complete!
  • We Will Rock You – Rendering… again
  • Lobster Thermidor aux Crevettes with a Mornay Sauce, Served in a Provençale Manner, with Shallots and Aubergines, Garnished with Truffle Pâté, Brandy, and with a Fried Egg on Top — and Spam  Complete!
  • To Hell With Andrew Lloyd Weber Complete!
  • I Choose You!  Complete!
  • Sex Scene – Holding until after renders are done.

Chapter Five Other:

  • Chapter Five Achievements (0/4?)
    • Unnamed Mara Render
    • Canon Ship
    • My Heart Will Go On
    • Porno for Pyros
  • Mortal Kombat 1 Main – I can’t pick between Ashrah or Li Mei!

Keep the Legends Alive!

– Nine