Oh, wow… for the first time since I’ve started Mythos, I actually forgot to post a weekly update. I’m so sorry about that! As you know, I have a lot on my plate right now, not that I wanna make excuses for my failures or anything. 

So let’s get into the update! 

I did some more writing, woo! But one of the scenes had a pretty glaring flaw pointed out by one of the beta readers, which kinda made me have to rethink that entire portion of a scene. Not a big deal but it was enough to give me pause and slow down a bit to make sure things make sense. I’m just excited to get this update done so I can say I’ve completed a game! 

After which I have to sanitize it to make a non-adult version for Steam. I’ll have the adult version too, of course, but I want a “story only” bit for the people who don’t want adult content. I’m keeping the option to have relationships in the non-adult version, but it’ll cut out any sex scenes when they happen as a “fade to black”. Otherwise, I’m positive I’d muck up the code by trying to rip out romance entirely. 

Speaking of the future of Mythos, there’s a non-video game facet that I started to openly talk about on my Discord server: the Mythos Tabletop RPG! I’m going to start running a playtest campaign of the RPG after Book One is complete and released. I could theoretically do it sooner, but some of the mechanics would be a spoiler for some events that won’t happen until the finale! This playtest will be done in the voice channel of my Discord, and right now my plan is to have the permissions set so that everyone can listen in, but only the players and I can talk. This is still little while off, so more details will come out closer to when I’m ready for it. 

Someone asked me how Morgana’s doctor appointment went! I’m here to say… I’m an idiot. Her appointment wasn’t for the 11th (which is a Saturday, why would I have even thought that?) but for the 22nd. My bad, again! My brains are all scrambled. 

Last night we went to a Vision Video concert (again!). This time, there was a bit where the band asked us to show pictures of our cats and they’d pick the cutest. Emily apparently thought our cat was the cutest, and thus she gave us a little catnip toy to bring home. Even aside from that, it was a great night.

Finally, I have been chosen to take part in the Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha test! Unlike most alpha/beta tests, there’s not only no NDA about this, but you’re encouraged to tell people about the experience. I haven’t played yet (had the concert last night, and writing this update right now) but hopefully I’ll be able to play without motion sickness. 

I think that’s about enough for this update. Let’s hope I actually remember to post one next week!

Keep the legends alive!
– Nine