This has been a miserable week, but not for Mythos-related reasons! Some nasty, nasty business has struck my guts twice, which actually had me miss a day and a half of my mortal job because I couldn’t even sit up without abdominal cramps. I hope this is just my body adjusting to all this new medication and nothing more serious.

Despite all this, my writing of the final chapter is still proceeding pretty quickly. I’d say at roughly the same pace as Chapter Five (which is getting renamed, more on that in a bit), but it’s still longer than Chapters Four and Five put together (which isn’t saying much, but still). I have the advantage here of having no major excursions or downtimes planned until quite a ways out, so I can focus more on working and maybe get my first game completed sooner rather than later.

I have someone willing to do deep research for any experimental code I may wanna stick into the finale, but the story from this point on is very straightforward: You accuse someone of murder, then you see what happens. Now multiply that by fourteen. Whee.

For the final release of the game, there will be no “Chapter Six”; I’m condensing Chapter Four and Chapter Five into a single chapter, and the finale will be called “Chapter Five”. For updates and the people who have been playing all this time, I’m going to keep calling it “Chapter Six” to avoid confusion, but know that when you start up the game and see the final chapter header it’s going to say “Chapter Five”. Or I may just make it say “The Final Chapter”. I dunno, yet. I’m having a lot of fun with it, either way. I hope you all do, too!

As soon as I figure out this new poll/forms plugin, I’m going to have another one of those to get more focused thoughts on where Book Two is going. Assuming I’m not dying from whatever is going on in my intestines. 

Discord/Patreon people: Yes, I know I said I was going to re-enable the integration between the platforms. I will. Every moment where I wasn’t laying down with massive bubbleguts I was working on something, and this isn’t a super high priority compared to, say, doing my mortal job or getting the final chapter out. I’ll have it done this week, barring any more medical trauma/drama.

I saw Dune last weekend. Didn’t get the fuckable popcorn bucket, though. It was… okay. Not really my kind of movie, but Morgana loves Dune, and I like looking at Zendaya, so we went to see it. She was showing me some lore stuff ahead of time, and it’s really massive and confusing (and I still hate the name “Duncan Idaho”). Apparently at some point in the future Paul’s son is going to turn into a massive monster that looks like female genitalia on the end of a wormy bag? Saying that seemed to irritate Morgana. Calling him the “Clit-sack Hadarach” only annoyed her further, which in turn amused me greatly.

While forced to lay down, I started reading comics. I got the Midnight Sun anthology book, and I have the Runaways Vol 1 waiting for if I get knocked on my ass again. I may just love Nico Minoru way too much.