Hello, Mythies! And hello April! And hello to me starting to feel like crap because this weather blooooooows.

I don’t know if it’s the weather or not, though I do tend to feel like garbage as things get warmer. It’s also been non-stop raining and dark, so it could be anything. It got so bad that I actually called in sick on Wednesday because I just felt so… bluh. Regardless, I got some writing done (not as much as I’d like, but I still managed a bit), and there’s very little left to write! 

Two bits of things I’d like to remind y’all of! First, if you didn’t see Monday’s April Fool’s Day joke (yes, it was a joke!), check it out here! We know Morgana’s microphone sucks, but we weren’t about to get a streamer mic just for what’s probably a one-off use. Unless she wants to start voice acting, I guess, but that seems unlikely.

Second, I’m going to give y’all another week to fill out the newish Book Two Survey. I’m not setting a hard time limit, but if you see next week’s Weekly Update go up, you’re probably too late. 

This week, while I was sick and brain dead, I discovered Palia. If you like those kinds of cozy building/fishing/mining games like Animal Crossing or Dreamlight Valley, you should really give this one a look. It’s free (you can only buy cosmetics, so you can’t even pay to win if you wanted to), so you’ve nothing to lose. You can use my Referral Code to get a free decoration when you start! I don’t get anything out of you using my referral code (I’ve already referred five people so I can’t get any more goodies), so this is purely my gift to you. 

Tonight we’re going to Korean BBQ and Hot Pot. Yes, it’s both in one. All you can eat. Since it’s all meat, that should be fine for my diabetic ass, right? I sure hope so!

Then Sunday we’re going on a trip that means so, so much to Morgana! The Maryland Zoo has a penguin exhibit. Penguins are Morgana’s #1 favourite animal, and until she moved up here she’d never seen one in real life. However, for an extra price you can get tickets for a special penguin experience, where you actually get to hang out with the penguins. You can pet them, play with them… maybe feed them? Not sure. But just the chance to physically touch a penguin has Morgana practically in tears whenever she thinks about it. She’s super excited and I hope it’s everything she hopes for!

That’s about all I have for this week! Next week I may actually finish writing the update, which would leave just renders and me trying to make a kickass closing credits sequence (to match the kickass intro sequence I made when I learned AfterEffects).

Keep the legends alive!
– Nine