Hey, Mythies! It’s a short update this week because I can’t really show you much of what I did, because my time was bouncing between turning the existing written scenes into code (which wasn’t too hard, because I write them in quasi-code already) and firing up AfterEffects again to work on the ending sequence.

I haven’t written anything lately, because my brain has been too fried to do creative stuff on that level, so I put my energy toward working on other parts of Mythos instead. Always moving forward!

Morgana got sick this week, probably unrelated to the whole “get checked for cancer” thing. She came home from work early on Thursday and threw up, and then yesterday she was still feeling nauseous (but kept everything down). She’s finally feeling better today! 

In other news, um… the Fallout show is really good? I’ve only watched maybe the first half of it, and I know nothing about the games, but the series is enjoyable.

Wow, I really didn’t have much to say this week, but I didn’t want y’all to think we’d fallen on bad times or anything. 

Keep the legends alive!
– Nine