Good morning, Mythies!

I’m not sure if it’s the ginko suppliments I’m taking or what, but I’ve been hyper-fucking-focused these past two weeks. If you take a peek down at the checklist you’ll see what that means – there are only four scenes left to render! Granted, I saved the two “biggest ones” for last, but that still means Chapter Three is nearly done!

What comes next? Well, after all the renders are done I need to put the music into the proper places, which means I need to finish the bits of music I still haven’t. I also need to do some transitions. However, I do have to warn you, the transitions in Chapter Three may not be quite as flashy as they were in the previous two chapters, just because of the way the story flows in this one. I doubt that’s even a big deal, but I figure it’s worth a heads up.

I also still haven’t done the title screen. I actually forgot about it until I looked over the list again, and it’s always been something Morgana had done. This time it’s all on me, though! I have an idea of what to do, I just gotta open up After Effects and do it.

In short, Chapter Three is like… ominously close. I’m still not going to give any dates or even estimates (because I see too many other devs get torn to shreds for missing their self-imposed deadlines), but “soon” isn’t just a funny buzzword at this point! It’s really soon!

Chapter Three General Progress:

  • Side Image Re-Revamp 163 images – COMPLETE!
  • Story Flow Chart – COMPLETE!
  • UI Improvements – COMPLETE!
  • New Music Tracks
    • As Above, So Below – COMPLETE!
    • Geraldine – COMPLETE!
    • Seventy-Five Year Trauma – COMPLETE!
    • Modred’s Legacy – COMPLETE!
    • Codito Ergo Sum – COMPLETE!
    • The Dark Depths of Despair in my Blackened Soul (I’m Dead) – COMPLETE!
    • ???
  • Learning After Effects – COMPLETE!
  • Introduction Scene by Nine – COMPLETE!
  • Creation of New Characters – COMPLETE!
  • New Mythos Logo (commissioned) – COMPLETE!
  • Chapter Three Title Screen
  • Organization of Daz Assets – COMPLETE!
  • Achievements (4/4)
    • No Takesbacks! – COMPLETE!
    • Trust No One – COMPLETE! 
    • Friendship is Magic – COMPLETE!
    • The Stinger – COMPLETE!
  • New Opening Title Sequence – COMPLETE!
  • Integration of “Tales from Mythos” – COMPLETE!

Chapter Three Scene Progress:

  • Scene: Apologies to the Serling Estate – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: A Little Help from my Friends – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: Yeah, About That… – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: It Goes to 11 – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: Shantay, You Stay – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: Your Call is Very Important to Us – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: Reach Out and Touch Someone – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: Fancy – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: The Lyin’ Bitch and her Wardrobe – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: Cry Little Sister – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: Touched by an Angel — COMPLETE!
  • Scene: My Immortal — COMPLETE!
  • Scene: Ventrilo Harassment — COMPLETE!
  • Scene: It’s Been Revoked — COMPLETE!
  • Scene: Who Ya Gonna Call? — COMPLETE!
  • Scene: Magic, the Gathering — COMPLETE!
  • Scenes Still In Progress:
    • Fuck the Police (Need Renders)
    • Ah, My Goddess! (Need Renders)
    • Grumpy Old Men (Need Renders)
    • Werther’s Original (Need Renders)
  • How Many Roads Must a Man Walk Down? (42)