Hey, Mythies!


So… Chapter Three is done. $5+ Patreon/SubscribeStar people got it on Sunday, $1 folks got it today, and everyone else gets it for free on Monday. I, uh… I got nothing game-related to update y’all on. I usually release on Fridays, so last week would have been the announcement and $5 release, then today would have been the public release, but my ass had to be extra and release on Halloween.  

I can’t really say this is a Chapter Three update; it’s done. I can’t say it’s a reflection on how it was received, because not everyone has it yet. I can’t say it’s a Chapter Four update, because I wait to see feedback on one chapter before moving on to work on the next. I know generally where it’s going to go, but things can change based on audience reactions. That’s how Violet became more than a one-shot background character, for example.

Note that the actual backstory and plot of the world doesn’t change like that – the person or persons responsible for Lisa’s death have been planned from the start. All the other characters’ motivations and involvements are likewise unchanged. But the fun other stuff can be moved, added, or modified. 

So if people really like certain running gags (like, say… about the non-existence of a certain type of furry monster), those can be amplified. But if there was a huge backlash about the existence of Tara as a character… I’d be in a pretty tough spot, because she can’t be cut from the story.

In this gap of time where I can’t work on the game, I’ve been catching up on things. FFXIV has some neat new content I’ve been playing with, and I also have the Nintendo Entertainment System Lego set to put together. It’s also been nice to just go out of the house on a whim without worrying that I’m doing the game a disservice by spending time doing something else… I have guilt issues, clearly.

… thanks for reading this big update post about absolutely nothing! Next week the Chapter Four update posts start!

And also, since a new Chapter has dropped, keep an eye out for another round of “Ask the Cast” and “Ask the Dev!” I’ll probably do one in November and the other in December.

Something tells me there’s gonna be a lot of questions, this time around…

Until then, keep the legends alive!

– Nine