Hey, everybody! It’s Nine, again!

Yeah, sorry that it’s not one of the Mythos characters, I just figured that since there’s no real news to report I’d just keep this simple, ya know? Kind of a boring update, sorry.

Oh, there’s one little thing I’ll share before I go…

Mythos:Book One Chapter Three Release Date:

October 31st, 2022

Remember I always say that I’ll never give a release date until the release is done? Well… it’s done. It’s all done. Everything that needs to be in the chapter has been put in, tested, broken, fixed, redone, and finalized. It’s going to be releasing to everone on Halloween! Patreon and SubscribeStar folks will get it sooner, and they’ll have their own separate, special post about it.

For the 23rd time, I again want to apologize for how long this took. It was over a year. When I finished Chapter Two, I had set myself an internal goal to have Chapter Three out by Valentine’s Day.

So, what happened?

For those of you who haven’t been following along (or just forgot – it’s been a year), there’s been a whole lot of bullshit that hit me in 2022. If you don’t care about all this… well, you got the release date, so the rest of this is fluff.

  • Two COVID strikes, one for me, one for Morgana. It was miserable, and I hope neither of us ever get it again.
  • The California trip to meet my neice and nephew. They’re adorable, but I hate travel, particularly air travel, and particularly when we go to this super-isolated tiny town that’s an hour drive from… almost literally anything else.
  • My dog died. People who know me know that I love animals so, so much. Every animal. But my dog was just the sweetest little girl, and even though she was old (anywhere from 14 to 16, we were never sure) it was still a very sudden decline in health that had us shocked on top of sad. I’m still kinda tearing up thinking about it.
  • My grandmother died. Yes, I typically care more about an animal dying than a human, but I loved my grandmother dearly. This was also a huge family shakeup – everything in our family happened at her house. We still have no idea how the holidays are going to go, this year. To loop back onto a previous issue – her funeral fell dring the California trip, and my family insisted that we still go on the trip despite missing the funeral, which… yeah, more turmoil.
  • The pharmacy debacle. I was on antidepressants, but our lovely pharmacy insurance fucked shit up, which meant my prescription got delayed. Anybody who’s been on any maintenance mental medication probably knows that having your supply very suddenly cut off for a week can do bad shit to your brain. It was not a fun week.
  • The doctor debacle. The second time I had to get my meds refilled, we learned that my doctor suddenly… stopped working at her practice. Nobody else at the practice took our insurance, so we had to scramble to find a new doctor (which is such a tedious trial). This time, however, I had plenty of notice – I “tapered” off my medication to avoid withdrawal effects. This lead to be… now no longer being on antidepressants, and I actually feel fine. I guess I’m “fixed”, now?

On top of all that, I think one change in my life that I underestimated is Morgana’s new (no longer new, really) job. She previously worked retail, which meant that there were many nights where she’d be working and I would be home alone, able to completely focus. Now she works overnights. That means when I’m getting off work, she’s waking up. Then she goes to work when I go to bed. So that whole block of time I used to have in solutide now has me trying to work on Mythos while she’s also present, and usually trying to talk to me. Eventually I had to tell her that I need absolute solitude and silence to get anything done (it’s too easy to knock me out of my “groove”), and she understood.

So… that’s been my year. I do not anticipate Chapter Four taking nearly as long as Chapter Three. But I also didn’t anticipate Chapter Three taking this long; life just likes to fuck me.

Regardless, I hope you all look forward to the Chapter Three release as much as I do. After it’s been out for a week and I see people’s reactions, I can start the work on Chapter Four!

Keep the Legends alive!

– Nine