Hello, Mythies!

We’re now about a week past the Chapter Three public launch, and the feedback has been mostly positive. Almost all positive, really. There was only a single complaint about animations going away, which is great since I hated doing them and I never liked the ones I actually made. However, there has been a lot of… reactions to Investigation Mode and how it was implimented. I feel like this needs to be addressed.

What I was trying to avoid was making Investigation Mode seem like something you had to do. It was just something I thought would be cool; you notice something, click on it, and maybe get rewarded with some extra information. I even made sure not to tie it to an achievement, and during the explanation in-game I tried to make it clear that it was just an optional system to interact with.

Unfortunately, it seems a lot of people… didn’t quite take it that way. I’ll take the blame for it; I have a more “casual” mindset and didn’t realize just how hardcore some of y’all were about collecting things! I’m trying to come up with ways to fix Investigation Mode now to make it less painful for the players. One thing I don’t want to do is just have all the clickable text highlighted; if I did that, I may as well not even bother with clickable text and add all the extra info directly into the dialogue. It’s not like you’ll see the clickable text and think “nah, I want less information, thx.”

Since there’s no achievement tied to getting all the clues, maybe I can put in a Preferences setting that will highlight them. That way people who want to see it all, but don’t want to hunt it down, could have an easier time of it, while the hardcore sleuths would still have a challenge. I’m also considering having all the photos on the corkboard display a little sticker or symbol if you’d found the hint that corresponds to that character.

This isn’t something I’m planning on holding for Chapter Four; I want to fix this now and make a 3.1.0. I feel awful for how badly this feature has gone over so I want to make it right.

So let me know any proposed fixes/modifications that could make this thing better! I don’t want anybody to have to dig into the code or install a third-party mod just to enjoy the game.

Keep the legends alive!

– Nine