Hey, it’s not just a Friday Update, but it’s a new version release!!!

You can head on over to the Downloads page if you want it, but it adds no new story content. What is the new version, then?

Version 3.11 includes a new option for Investigation Mode, since it was kind of, ah… poorly recieved. When Investigation Mode Assistance is on, there will be a purple highlight around the edges of the screen whenever there’s a hint present in the text to be clicked. This should make it pretty obvious where the hints are, so there shouldn’t be any issue with finding the hints if you’d rather not scour every word trying to seek them out. You can find this new option in the Preferences menu, and it’ll also be pointed out to you at the start of Chapter Three when Kylie explains the new mode to you. 

With that being out of the way, this should be the final Chapter Three version!

I have no news on Chapter Four, obviously, since I just finished Chapter Three… again. 

You may wonder why this update came out so late in the day. Was it because I was working too hard on a Windows joke that half of you won’t even get? Nay! It’s car trouble!

Everything for the rest of this update is unrelated to the game, so y’all can skip it if you don’t care.

Morgana’s car has this funny issue where sometimes, when it rains a lot, her hazard flashers (also called “four-way blinkers”) will turn on and not shut off, even when the car is off. The only way to keep it from burning out her battery is to remove the fuse the controls all the turn signals. My car developed a relatively new issue where one of the battery cables was loose, and sometimes you’d have to jiggle the cable before the car would start.

Since it rained earlier this week, and I didn’t want Morgana driving with no turn signals, I had her drive my car. She ran into an issue where, possibly due to the battery cable, the car was acting very oddly. When she got back home, I decided to get a socket wrench and try to tighten the cable. However, the battery connector was so corroded and brittle that it started to break as soon as I put even a little tension on the bolt. So she had to choose to either go to work in a car with no turn signals, or go to work in a car where the battery cable may just completely break off. She opted to go without turn signals – and apparently, in Maryland it’s not illegal if you ignore using your turn signals. That explains a lot about Maryland drivers.

Anyway, I made an appointment at my mechanic to fix the battery connector on my car; I could start it at least once, and the mechanic is very close, so I felt safe enough to drive my car there. Since Morgana was the last to use my car and she’s 4’10”, I had to readjust the mirror. As soon as I tried… the rearview mirror broke off in my hand. With everything else, this lead to me having a kind of mental breakdown/panic attack this morning. Luckily Morgana was there to calm me down.

Finally, after duct taping the mirror as a temporary fix, I got the car to the mechanic. I found the part I need to fix my mirror on Amazon for like $11 (and it’s Prime, so I’ll have it on Sunday). The repair of the battery cable was also very cheap, so with all that stress gone we went out to dinner after picking up my car. That’s why this update is so late.

I hope you all enjoy the newly simplified Investigation Mode, and next week we’ll talk about where Chapter Four is going.

Keep the Legends Alive!

– Nine