Helloooooo, Mythies!!!

I didn’t have time to make a special render for this week’s update, sorry! I had a lot of real-life stuff to catch up on, as well as working on the game. Plus, immediately after I get off work today we’re going to see Wakanda Forever, so I’m in a real Friday time crunch this week.

But let’s talk about Mythos! Chapter Three launched with out any huge issues, which is a first – normally the Patreon/SubscribeStar early access reveals a ton of bugs that slipped through beta and the public release ends up being an X.1 or something. There’s just a really annoying persistent bug at the end of Chapter Two regarding the game telling you that you slept with someone that you didn’t. I may just remove that line entirely because it keeps misbehaving!

However, there is going to be a 3.1 release relatively soon! There’s going to be some changes to Investigation Mode (as I discussed in my last week’s letter), and a few tiny tweaks. I may add a fifth achievement, too! I’m undecided on that.

Chapter Four outlining has already begun, though I’m faced with a dilemma. An idea I had was that the player would pick who to investigate, which means some scenes would be left out if a player decided they didn’t wanna look into a particular character at all. This presents several issues, though:

  • If a player makes precisely the wrong choices, the mystery could be literally impossible to solve. If Suspect A is the killer, and the player investigates B, C, D, and E, they could get to the end and realize they’d missed a ton of evidence. In an actual investigation that’s normal, but I need to walk a balance between a good story and an entertaining game.
  • I’d be writing all these scenes, but the player would only see a few of them. That means the update would feel shorter to players than would maybe justify how long they were waiting to play it. Granted, I’m sure some people are going to play through all the variations, but I don’t want people to feel any sort of “grind” if they just want a story.
  • I don’t want to make the game too “difficult”. The reaction to Investigation Mode has made me kinda think that maybe I was presenting too much challenge.

This is just something I’m still working out. I want there to be player agency, but providing¬†too much would mean writing scenes that will go unseen (which, to the players who don’t see those scenes, it’s just wasted development time).

One last thing I want to address about the game is the animations. As you know (or at least you noticed by now), I’m not doing animations going forward. This could change if I get laid off at work or someting else happens that gives me a ton of free time, but for now let’s just assume the sex animations are a thing of the past. I was never happy with how most of them turned out, and some recent reviews sorta reinforced the idea that they detracted from the game more than enhanced it. I’m probably going back to remove the animations from the earlier chapters so that players won’t be expecting them going forward.¬†

Speaking of reviews – please leave them? I see on certain sites tons of people talking about the game, but not actually leaving a review in the reviews section. This would help me out immensely!

After 3.1 releases, we’re doing Ask The Cast! This is always a pretty popular segment, so get your questions ready!!!

Until next week, keep the legends alive!

– Nine