Heyo, Mythies!

Writing, writing, blah blah, not really gonna bore you with the details because I can’t tell you anything interesting without spoiling what I’m writing! I hit a little snag but things are still going on.

There’s another thing in the works, though! A few different people have said they’re interested in streaming Mythos, but they can’t because of that whole “naked people” thing. I was planning on doing this eventually, anyway, but now I will be doing it sooner than I’d thought: There will be a “Streamable” version of Mythos. This will be the exact same game with nudity removed. The sex scenes will “fade to black”, so relationships can still happen; you just don’t see the dirty stuff. This is going to be a pretty easy process since the sex is really just a side thing to the story anyway. It’ll only require a single re-render for when Kylie wakes up and is topless in bed. The language will stay the same, but that shouldn’t be an issue (as long as you don’t say bad words in the first minute on YouTube, I think?). I’ll be posting about 3.11 “Clean” as soon as it’s done.

I’ve taken a few days off work next week because I’ve just been run ragged, which has absolutely been affecting my Mythos progress (and possibly causing other health issues). Tomorrow I’m going to a food truck festival, which should be fun and definitely won’t contribute to my health issues whatsoever. Hah…

I don’t really have any other news though. You know who does have news? RJ Rhodes! She’s released the premium version of Come Home on itch.io and Steam! That’s something you can check out while waiting for answers on just what the hell you saw at the end of Chapter Three.

Chapter Four Scenes to be Done:

  • It’s Always Sunny in Baltimore
    • Writing: Complete!
  • Born in a Barn
    • Writing: Complete!
  • Law and Mordor
    • Writing: Complete!
  • For Here or To Go?
  • High School Never Ends
  • It’s LeviOsa, Not LeviosA!
  • Fairy Tail
  • Things That Go Bump in the Night
  • Lobster Thermidor aux Crevettes with a Mornay Sauce, Served in a Provençale Manner, with Shallots and Aubergines, Garnished with Truffle Pâté, Brandy, and with a Fried Egg on Top — and Spam
  • We Will Rock You
  • Ghostbusters!
  • Doing the Dailies
  • I Choose You!

    Other Things:

    • Version 3.11 Streamable (In Progress)
    • Music Track Revamping
    • Reshooting Some Side Images (Complete!)
    • Chapter Four Achievements (0/4)
      • Unnamed Tara Render
      • Unnamed Mara Render
      • Unnamed Kylie Render
      • Unnamed B Render
    • Walk 500 Miles (Walk 500 More)

    Keep the Legends Alive!

    – Nine ♥