Welcome, Mythies, to another Friday Update! I was gonna try to write this one as Jizzabelle, but I’m not up for that this week, so just enjoy the image of her storming into the Mythos canon. 

For those who don’t know, Jizzabelle was one of the main characters from the now-defunct game “Harem Highlander”. The game’s dev (Eris) had a series of unfortunate events that lead to her having to abandon the project, and she bequeathed the character to me. I didn’t want to squander that gift, as it feels like I’m doing what little I can to keep someone else’s legends alive; even if the humour styles between Mythos and Harem Highlander aren’t quite the same. If you found the hidden “stinger” scene in Chapter Three, you’ve already seen Jizzabelle in the game. She won’t be a major character in Book One (and she’s absolutely not a suspect in Lisa’s murder), but she exists! 

Enough about that, however! Let’s talk about Mythos and Chapter Four! It’s still super early in the production, and I my attentions are still split between working on Chapter Four and fixing the issues with Chapter Three. One one hand, Chapter Three has been the most bug-free release I’ve done so far. On the other, it introduced some all new problems of people really not liking parts of it. The lack of animations… well, that’s not something I can fix. I can’t go back to doing those, it was just too much of a stressful distraction from the important parts of the game (ie – the non-sexual parts). Investigation Mode? I may just undo that entirely for Chapter Four and have the clues just straight-up given as you play through it. Werewolves? Still don’t exist.

One fun thing about Chapter Four is that, by the end of it, you could have enough information to decisively figure out the culprit, assuming you ask the right questions and pay attention to the right bits. But, like any mystery, there’s tons of misdirection and red herrings as well. That surely won’t be a problem, though; none of you would be playing Mythos if you didn’t like a good mystery, right? 

Chapter Four ends with you picking the person you want to confront and accuse of murder. That’s right; the Book One story is almost over! But it’s not the end for Mythos. There needs to be discussions about how to go forward; like would people like longer games? Shorter games? Maybe even kinetic novels (basically a visual novel with no choices) to explore things that would normally done as a “Tales from Mythos” entry? What about the tabletop RPG? 

Oh, yeah, I have plans for a tabletop RPG. I guess I shoulda mentioned that instead of casually throwing that in here. Let’s see who’s paying attention. When I get that done, I plan to run a game on Discord. It’ll be done with the FATE Core system, for those familiar with it, so it’s not going to take a ton of time to make. More news on that later, because my focus is on getting Book One done.

Reception to “Ask the Cast 3” seems to be really positive! It even drove someone to make… this…

Real-world Violet (yes, she’s based on a real person) was quite amused to see herself made into a meme.

Finally, let’s talk about Nine’s personal life at the moment! Me being more quiet than usual is not in your head; I really have been withdrawn more than usual lately. Here’s why: December is shit.

Every year December is shit. I’m neurodivergent in all the best ways that make gift-giving hell for me. Christmas means I need to multiply that hell by everybody I know, and combine that with the social anxiety issues I need to battle to go out shopping (not everything can be gotten online, sadly). Plus there’s knowing I need to gather with my family, many of which share… viewpoints diametrically opposed to my own. Every single year I go through this, and I suffer greatly for it. Thankfully it doesn’t affect making Mythos super much, since that just requires me to withdraw and focus on something other than the horrors of the holidays. 

I hope that next week I will have the full breakdown of what needs to be done; that lovely list that has all the scene names listed for you to puzzle over. Chapter Four should be more straightforward in terms of how coding will go; I don’t think the non-linear approach I took with Chapter Three actually accomplished anything other than make things more janky and harder to test. Remember that this game is also me learning how to do all this crap! Book One is mostly setting up the world for future stories, as well as me learning how to make renders, music, and code. 

This went on longer than I’d intended… sorry for rambling! Keep the Legends Alive!

– Nine ♥