This is going to be really short because I’m feeling really unwell today – exhaustion due to a real-world panic attack keeping me from falling asleep, then after taking melatonin my cat managed to find some plastic to chew upon very loudly, then a very, very hectic and busy day at my mortal job.

The first outline of Chapter Four is done. This means that the Chapter has been divided into scenes, with each scene’s characters and information laid out. I haven’t figured out the sexy bits, though. I’m going to write out more of the Chapter, and then whoever feels most organic will be the ones to get sex scenes. I can say with 80% cetainty that one of them will be Tara, however.

Sunday will bring Stave Two of “A Mythos Carol”, and then Tuesday will be the answers to “Ask the Cast!”

Sorry for the brevity… I’m so tired and need to make cookies for a party on Sunday.

Keep the Legends (and me) Alive!

– Nine ♥