Well, it’s almost Christmas! That means my stressful time has almost passed (just in time for the stress of going to a convention right after New Year’s…)

My stomach is still acting up. I should probably be somewhat concerned, but who knows how much of this is stress-related? Being as I’m pretty susceptible to being stressed out, and December is 31 days of hell for me every year, I’m mostly thinking it’s that. Still, it’s pretty uncomfortable!

On to the actual updates! I’ve started laying out what needs to be done in Chapter Four that isn’t part of the story so much. One thing I tested in Chapter Three is the converting of music to .ogg files. This actually makes them work better for some behind-the-scenes bits I did; when there was a theme that had an intro followed by a “looped” part, I would have those as two separate .mp3 files. I changed one of these to be a single .ogg file and it worked really well, so I’m going to make the full switch in this update. It should have the added benefit of reducing game size!

The last Daz update I did (which was a while ago) also messed with lights in an unfun way, which means that adding expressions to some characters side-images will mean re-shooting all of their expressions because the lighting wouldn’t match up otherwise. That won’t be a big deal, really, but something I do need to do.

That’s about it! I don’t know how much I’ll be able to get done because of all this family holiday crap, but I’m gonna do what I can! Stave Five of A Mythos Carol is already written, so that’s going up on Sunday no matter what.

Scenes to be Done:

  • It’s Always Sunny in Baltimore
  • Law and Mordor
  • High School Never Ends
  • Born in a Barn
  • Fairy Tail
  • Ghostbusters!
  • Things That Go Bump in the Night
  • It’s LeviOsa, Not LeviosA!
  • We Will Rock You
  • I Choose You!
  • For Here or To Go?
  • Doing the Dailies
  • Lobster Thermidor aux Crevettes with a Mornay Sauce, Served in a Provençale Manner, with Shallots and Aubergines, Garnished with Truffle Pâté, Brandy, and with a Fried Egg on Top — and Spam

Other Things:

  • Music Track Revamping
  • Reshoot of Some Side Images
  • Achievements (Maybe 4?)
  • Current Temperature (0F/-18C)

Keep the Legends Alive!

– Nine ♥