I had to kinda throw this update image together at the last minute because the original one I was going to use actually kinda had a spoiler in it. Whoops! Here’s B, just presenting huge-ass text for no good reason.

Still doing basically nothing but renders since that’s practially all that’s left to do. That’s good news. The bad news is that renders are definitely my weak point. As I was compositing all the ones I did for the scene “Shantay, You Stay” I found a pretty glaring issue that made me have to basically redo the whole bloody thing. Once that was done, I got started on “Touched By An Angel” which is now nearly done — in fact, I plan to have it finished by tonight.

There likely won’t be a whole lot of exciting news from here until release. With all the writing and coding out of the way, the only surprises that could happen will be “Daz fucked up my entire asset library again”, but I’ve learned my lesson and I am not updating Daz Studio until after I’m finished all of Book One.

I probably won’t get anything done this weekend, as Morgana and I are going to a convention. However, next week, starting on my Birthday, I have six days off. We’re doing a few little things to celebrate (going to Fogo De Chao for endless meat, for example), but mostly I’ll be here and working on the game.

At the very least, I think my testers are done picking apart all the code and writing of the chapter, so that should be all set in stone unless I have to do some major re-write due to graphical limitations. Being as I wrote all the remaining stuff with specific Daz assets in mind, I don’t forsee that being a problem.

Speaking of graphics: I have decided that — at least for the initial release — Chapter Three’s two sex scenes will not have animated sequences. I may add them in later on (before Chapter Four), but I feel like the people who are really interested in the game want to see the story more than pixels rubbing together. There will still be sexual images, and my typical graphic descriptions, but I don’t think the animations will be worth holding up the game any longer for. 

Chapter Three General Progress:

  • Side Image Re-Revamp 163 images – COMPLETE!
  • Story Flow Chart – COMPLETE!
  • UI Improvements – COMPLETE!
  • New Music Tracks
    • As Above, So Below – COMPLETE!
    • Geraldine – COMPLETE!
    • Seventy-Five Year Trauma – COMPLETE!
    • Modred’s Legacy – COMPLETE!
    • Codito Ergo Sum – COMPLETE (again)!
    • The Dark Depths of Despair in my Blackened Soul (I’m Dead) – COMPLETE!
    • Herja’s Elegy
    • ???
  • Learning After Effects – COMPLETE!
  • Introduction Scene by Nine – COMPLETE!
  • Creation of New Characters – COMPLETE!
  • New Mythos Logo (commissioned) – COMPLETE!
  • Chapter Three Title Screen
  • Organization of Daz Assets – COMPLETE!
  • Achievements (4/4)
    • No Takesbacks! – COMPLETE!
    • Trust No One – COMPLETE! 
    • Friendship is Magic – COMPLETE!
    • The Stinger – COMPLETE!
  • New Opening Title Sequence – COMPLETE!
  • Integration of “Tales from Mythos” – COMPLETE!

Chapter Three Scene Progress:

  • Scene: Apologies to the Serling Estate – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: A Little Help from my Friends – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: Yeah, About That… – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: It Goes to 11 – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: Shantay, You Stay – COMPLETE (again…)!
  • Scene: Your Call is Very Important to Us – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: Reach Out and Touch Someone – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: Fancy – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: The Lyin’ Bitch and her Wardrobe – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: Cry Little Sister – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: Touched by an Angel — COMPLETE (by tonight, hopefully)!
  • Scenes Still In Progress:
    • Fuck the Police (Need Renders)
    • Ah, My Goddess! (Need Renders)
    • Magic, the Gathering (Need Renders)
    • Grumpy Old Men (Need Renders)
    • Werther’s Original (Need Renders)
    • Ventrilo Harassment (Need Renders)
    • It’s Been Revoked (Need Renders)
    • Who Ya Gonna Call? (Need Renders)
    • My Immortal (Need Renders)
  • All around the world statues crumble for me…

Keep the Legends Alive.

– Nine