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Partying partying yeah! Partying partying partying partying…. Y E A H.

I took over bitches! Because we have a super awesome announcement that Nine doesn’t wanna do so I said “let me, let me break the people.” Actually no they don’t know I’m doing this. It’s all a huge surprise and for y’all as well!!


Yes, those fluffy monsters we all know and love (or hate). With the fangs and claws, tails, ears, and I could go on and on about them. Oh wait I can! The first ever werewolf movie was in 1913 and only 18 minutes long, sadly it is considered a lost media because of a fire at universal in the 1920s. Tragic I know… But besides that, werewolves have continued to thrive in the media! Like all over the place you furry fuckers, YEAH I’M CALLING YOU OUT! Like who the hell wanted to get with Jacob when BELLA’S DAD WAS RIGHT THERE WHOLE ASS TIME! Single and ready to mingle am I right girls, gays, and theys?? But noooooo, had to go for some angsty edgelord glitter twat and a walmart furry that wants to marry a baby, OH OOPS SPOILERS?? IDK???

Anyway like for real though, I don’t even like Twilight period but her dad was the only one in the cast that made me go “maaaaybeee I’ll watch?” But nah, my common sense came back to me and I read more Anita Blake. Like that was any better, ahahaaaha… My god I was introduce to some kinky shit way to early in my life.

Oh yeah topic at hand! Werewolves, no wait there wolf! Sorry can’t help myself that is one of my favorite quotes from the movie Young Frankenstein, just *chef kiss* brilliant. Yes werewolves, everyone’s like intro to possible monster attractiveness thanks to Underworld. Cause I mean; if you know you know am I right? Of course I’m right. 

The exciting, huge, fancy, amazing surprise is….