Hello, everyone! Here we are with a second round of “Ask the Cast!” 

Once again, I asked you — the players at home — to ask questions to the characters of Mythos. Then the characters… answer. Usually. In a sense. 

You’ll see what I mean! Here we goooooooo…

Are we humans, or are we dancers?

Rain: Isn’t that a line from a Devo song?
Sophia: No; that is “are we not men? We are Devo”.
Tara: Maybe they meant “Tiny Dancer?”
Mara: Or “Private Dancer?”
B: Or “Dancin’ With Myself?”
Ky: I think it’s safe to say none of us have an answer to this question.

Who do you think killed Lisa, and why?

Ky: Dude, if I knew the answer to that, the game would be over already! Besides… you control me, so I think whatever you think.
Tara: I’m gonna say Becky, ’cause I hate that bitch.
Sophia: As a young Soulsculptor, I believe it is very likely she accidentally killed herself by removing her own soul.
B: It’s always the one you least suspect, they say. I just know I didn’t do it! Which means I suspect myself the least. Shit… does that mean I did it?
Rain: I’m sure the Bureau is behind this, somehow. That agent lady was snoopin’ around too much.
Mara: We’re in a world with mind control, apparently. It could have been anybody!

What are your love languages? If you are in a relationship, how can someone show you appreciation in the way you like to receive it.

Tara: Booze. No, that’s it.
Sophia: Someone that will just listen to me tell them things. Things that humanity has forgotten.
B: I wanna eat. Just gimme all the food. And don’t look at me weird when I eat it!
Rain: Just being able to sit in silence with someone amongst nature. Material things mean little to me.
Mara: I just like excitement. I dunno how you gift that to someone, but that’s the best I got really.

Do you prefer belly rubs or head pats? Also how long have you been obsessed with Ky? And do you have temper issues?

I’m gonna answer that last question first — I’mma beat yer ass for the first two questions!

What is your favorite part of Ky’s body?

I know this is gonna sound corny as hell, but their eyes. Just this real bright blue. Draws ya right in, ya know?

When playing Pictionary, do you know the answer before the round ever starts, or do randomly selected words elude your powers?

If I wanted to use my powers to cheat at these sorts of games, I absolutely could. However, I do not see the point in playing such games if I am only going to cheat. To use my ability, I need to be actively trying to find information, it will not passively appear in my mind. Otherwise, I would easily be overloaded with information at all times!

What dirty world secrets have you seen thanks to your “gift”, or what conspiracies are true?

With the nature of my gift, I have seen almost all such secrets, though it is best that I not reveal them. Except for the water turning frogs gay — that is obviously true.

Do you like cut or uncut dicks?

Oh, I was not expecting this sort of question! However, I would say that so long as proper hygeine is observed, I have no preference.

Do you know the lyrics of every Coldplay song? If so, my condolences.

While Nine will assure you that Coldplay is the pinnacle of awful music, they have no idea just how much awful music has existed through the ages. There was this terrible “song writer” in Byzantium…

Will you ever put something into your body to enhance your physical self; like titanium bones, camera-like eyes… ya know, stuff like that? 

What? Hell no! I’m already perfect the way I am.

Well, maybe I would get a third arm. On my back. I will not elaborate.

Can you shoot lightning? 

I’ve never shot anything! I doubt my aim would be good enough to hit a lightning bolt. Would a bullet even do anything to lightning? That’s obviously what you meant, right?

Where is the weirdest place you had sex before?

Not sure if this counts, but I masturbated in a Google data center down in Lithia Springs!

Will we ever find out your history and why you two have so many issues?

Sophia: Ah… aheh…
B: Oh, yes. You’ll find out. And you’ll see Sophia just needs to let it go.
Sophia: Excuse me?!?

Will we ever see your true form, and do you have wings? 

Oh, you’ll see it someday, I’m sure, hon. Sadly, I do not have wings.

What other special powers do you have? 

Nothing plant-related, I bet! Hah… but seriously, my affinity for soul magic and mind magic… ain’t that enough?

Do you control the cat, or is it just people?

I think there ain’t any magic out there that could control a cat. People are easy; I barely even need magic to do that.

Would you spit, swallow, face, breasts, body, hand, or like… snowball?

Yes. All of that.

What is your strangest sex fantasy?

Well, damn… gonna go there, huh? I wanna tell you, but it could be considered a spoiler for my upcoming, um… scene. Handcuffs are involved.

Would you be the top or bottom of the sandwich?

Tara: The fuck?
Mara: Oh, shit! Hahaha… Tara should probably be on top, since she’s so small.
Tara: What the fuck?
Mara: What? You’re cute, I wouldn’t mind.
Tara: I… gotta go.

If you had to change one thing about yourself, what would it be? 

Wot? Just one thing? Oi… I guess it’d be me indecisiveness.

What trait or quirk about Monica most made you want to date her? 

I was gonna say her confidence, but after reading her answer up there I’m not so sure!

Did you discover the identity of your killer in the moments before you died?

I gotta answer this one carefully… at the time of my death I was aware of everything that was going on and everybody that was involved. I think that was vague enough?

So, Becki… are you always bitchy to women hanging with K-cup?

K-Cup? OH! You mean Ky! I’m not bitchy, what do you mean? It’s not my fault if people get all offended so easy.

How do you feel about Blade (the vamp, not the non-taxpayer)?

Is that… that’s a film character, I believe? I really don’t indulge in the modern cinema. Perhaps I’m too set in my old ways…

Why did you turn Aiden into a vampire? Was it a gift or a punishment, because honestly confused why he gets the bite. Unless it’s a ultra immortal irony kind of thing.

I’m actually asked this quite often, which is… probably not surprising. However, I did not rise to the level of power that I have by making frivolous choices. I have my reasons, and Aiden is a valuable part of a bigger plan.

What is the weirdest dream you ever had? 

Oh, well that’s a neat question! I had this dream when I was a kid, and I remember it so vividly… there were spiders. Like so many spiders. But they were spinning themselves into webs, like a cocoon. Then the cocoons opened up and all kinds of butterflies came out; all different colours and it was beautiful. I have no idea what that means, though.

What specific type of supernatural being are you?

Uh… uhhh… *Nervously looks at Nine* I don’t think there’s any way for me to answer this question that isn’t giving something away…

Who was the first person you had sex with? 

Oh, that’s easy! Myself!

How is it trying to keep Violet out of trouble all the time?

Cecil: Oh, it’s not difficult at all. I usually get Desmond to handle it.
Desmond: *Glowers*

Cecil, mate, you seem like a cool dude. What does it take to be an apprentice? Is it like you got to be born with it, so all of us are shit out of luck, or can you be taught magic or awakened or whatever? 

Ah, well… it’s true, that magical aptitude seems to be a birth trait. Nothing so mundane as genetics, but some far more esoteric workings of the soul that even experienced Soulsculptors are only beginning to understand. That being said, almost all humans have some magical ability. It’s just, more often than not, it can’t be used in any practical manner.

I know you must have some stories. I know some poor soul must have made a show of what a fool they were at some point. What’s the funniest thing that ever happened in your security work? 

Well, I don’t know if I would say it’s funny, but at one point an apprentice was using scrying magic in an unauthorized way to catch Cecil and Edda — perhaps I shouldn’t tell that story.

How annoyed were you when Bauhaus broke up in ’83? Be honest with yourself. It was a lot, wasn’t it? 

*Sigh* TFBS.

How annoyed were you when Bauhaus broke up in ’83? Follow-up question: Do you think Bauhaus is a Gastropub you haven’t heard of?

Don’t be ridiculous, mortal! Of course I know what Bauhaus is! I won’t even dignify this with a response. *Behind Aiden, Sophia shakes her head, mouthing “he has no idea”.*

Question for Aiden Drest, the Baron of Darkness, progeny of Sylvia DuBois, Lord Commander of the Four Dark Devas… *cough*… Now that you are a creature of the night, is it hard to get hard? Do you have to be full up on blood? Does it just not work anymore, or is it like a superpower you can turn on and off at will? 

A-ah… well, the practice of actually drinkling blood has been considered gauche in vampiric society for several centries, now, so that’s not a factor. With regards to the matter of… getting an erection… sexual arousal in vampires works much the same as it does among humans.

Will we be seeing your adorable self in Chapter 3? 

Hm? Oh! Yes! I was originally only going to be that quick run-on role in Chapter 2, but people liked me so much that I’ll be popping up a few more times, and probably have an even bigger part in future books!

Can you talk about what kind of supernaturals you are? 

Anna: Oh, maaaaan… pretty sure th–
Echo: Who the fuck asked that shit??? I’ll fuckin’ beat the shit out of the motherfucker
Ashe: *Trying to calm down Echo as she continues ranting*
Rami: *Rubbing her temples* All we can really say right now is that Ashe is a Beacon.

Who/what inspired you to pursue music and/or become a band and perform? 

Echo: *Still raging about that last question, with Ashe still trying to calm her down*
Anna: I just kinda felt like it. I like music. I grew up listening to stuff like Green Day and Blink-182, so I guess that’s something?
Rami: So, so many inspirations for me. I think I actually answered this last time, didn’t I?

You girls ever have sex with each other? 

Rami: Me? No.
Echo: *Actually goes quiet, glancing at Anna*
Anna: *Smirks back at Echo*
Ashe: Is… is that something we’re supposed to be doing?
Anna: Yes.
Echo: *Simultaneously with Anna* No.

Did you ever fall in love with anyone?

“Love” is a synthetic mental trick created by the human psyche to give them the urge to procreate. If it weren’t for these kinds of falsified “emotions”, people would never do the natural things they are meant to do. Sex is a disgusting, messy act — but a necessary one. Thus, “love” had to become this fake human urge to drive them to breed.

Holy balls lady, can you like suck a soul out through a guy’s dick? Hot as hell, but not sure where you fall on the crazy scale. 

Lilith: If I were to devour a soul, it would be by tearing apart one’s rib cage and devouring their heart as it still beats.
B: Uh… I guess that answers where she falls on the “crazy scale”…
Lilith: Quiet, outcast.

Are you being controlled against your will? One lick for yes, two licks for no.

Cat: *Stares. Swishes tail.*
Rain: Hm… to be fair–
B: *Interrupts, singing* To be faaaaaaaair~
Rain: — if she was being controlled, she coulda been controlled to lick twice. But like I said, I dunno if anybody can control a cat…

Did you get much screen time?

That entirely depends on what you mean by “screen time”. In the game? The stories? The interviews? The Friday Updates? I can’t answer, anyway.