Spoilers ahoy! If you haven’t played Chapter Three, stop reading now. 

Chapter Three has been out for a bit now. I know I waited longer before opening up “Ask the Cast” for the last two chapters, but I have a feeling people have more… burning questions after the latest installment. So here’s your chance to talk directly to the characters of Mythos to see if you can figure out just what the heck is going on around here.

It’s been a long time, so please read these rules! They’re the same as last time, but people ignored them last time, too. If your question violates the rules, it just won’t get answered. Conversely, every question that follows the rules will get answered. Will the answers be the truth? Depends on who you’re asking…

Here are the rules again:

  • You can ask as many questions as you like, but please limit it to one per character. So yeah, you can ask every single character one question, if you wanna.
  • If you’re going to addresa question to multiple characters, you have to limit that question to no more than seven (increased from six in the last Ask the Cast). You can’t ask a question to “the whole cast”, because thinking of a response to a question from every single character is fucking exhausting. Don’t do that. The limit is seven for a good reason; the “main cast” is seven people (Ky, Tara, Sophia, B, Rain, Mara, and Lisa). Though you can also name groups, like say “Area 42”, “the vampires”, or “the Convocation”; so far, no group should have more than seven people in it so that’s pretty safe. Doing this means you can’t ask any of those individuals other questions — ie, you can’t ask a question of “the Convocation”, and then ask Sparky and Violet their own questions.
  • You can literally ask anything; it doesn’t have to be related directly to the Mythos story. You can ask them what it’s like to be in a game, or their favourite movie, or why Coldplay sucks so much ass.
  • The characters are replying as themselves. What does this mean? It means that if you ask Sophia and B the exact same question, they’re probably going to have different answers (and possibly comment on how you asked them both the same questions). If you’re rude to them, they may not be so nice to you. Some of them will be rude regardless (like Desmond, Melanie, and Lilith). If you’ve ever been to a convention panel with open questions from the audience, think of it working just like that.
  • I’m instructing them not to give out spoilers… though I’m betting some of them will let something leak if the right question is asked.
  • You can ask any character that’s been revealed to the public in any way. However, you must know the character’s name or title (i.e. “Madam Luna” or “Head of the Pillar of the Practical”). I’m not going to be posting a definitive list of characters here like I did last time — that means if you’ve seen a character in some art but don’t know who they are, you can’t ask them a question. Anybody remember when I posted pictures of upcoming characters and their names? You can talk to them, if you want. Person who appears only in one of the Tales from Mythos? Yup, they’re viable, too!
  • To build on the above — if a character has been referenced, but not seen (again – like a character mentioned by name in one of the “Tales from Mythos” series, or the WETT Stage Manager) you can ask them a question!
  • This is only for asking the characters questions! You can ask me (the dev) questions at any time you like, and I’ll just answer those myself. If you want that in a more organized format, there will be another “Ask the Dev” segment next month.
  • Once again — the cat is a cat. If you ask the cat a question, it will be like you’re talking to a cat. Don’t expect much. Because, again, it is a cat. Same with Geri and Freki, only they’re dogs. You cak ask them shit if you want, but it’ll be about as productive as asking Tara’s truck a question.
  • Please don’t ask Tara’s truck any questions. He’s seen too much.

You can ask these questions in basically any forum in which you can communicate with me:

  • The Discord channel #ask-the-cast (which has been reopened as of this posting)
  • Discord private messages (if you don’t want people to know who’s asking your questions)
  • Responding to the Mythos thread on a certain forum I may be active on (or sending a private message through said forum)
  • Responding to the “Ask the Cast” announcement on Twitter, Patreon, SubscribeStar, or itch.io (as well as using private messages on those same platforms)

The deadline for questions is midnight on Sunday, November 27th! The answers will be posted on Tuesday, November 29th (unless I get way more questions than I’d expected).

Keep the Legends Alive!

– Nine 💜