Hey, Mythies!

This one was wild. At first I was bummed that I got so few questions, so I extended the deadline… and got a fucking deluge. Some of y’all flagrantly broke the rules (not naming names, Christa), but I tried to be as accomodating as possible. Some questions (very few, though!) were dropped; either because there was no good way to answer them, the question broke the rules, or it was addressed to a character that’s not mine (I didn’t wanna bother RJ and Storm about stuff).

If you have not played Chapter Three, stop reading now. There are some heavy spoilers in these questions and answers!

Anyway, without further ado…

Can I ask Kylie what the fuck she’s gonna do with two girlfriends alla sudden? I know that’s a choice the player can make, but canonically, what would the Kylie in your head have done with the Tara, Lisa problem? Even if ultimately it turns out that the Lisa we saw isn’t the real Lisa, what went through poor Kylie’s head?

Ky: So I guess I gotta answer this from the perspective of having been monogamous with Tara up until this point —
Tara: There ain’t no better way to do it!
Ky: At the moment of Lisa’s reappearing, I wasn’t thinking of anything of a relationship scenario. Remember, at that point, we’d been broken up for two years. I was far more concerned about why a dead person was in my living room!

To Kyle specifically (since Kylie has the cuteness dialed up to eleven): Ma dude, teach me how to be a sex beacon!

Kyle: Oh, dude! I wish I had someone to teach me how to properly deal with this. When you go from a two-year dry spell to suddenly having six potential girlfriends… like I know it sounds cool as shit, but it can be really, really stressful.

What is something unique and special about your relationship with Lisa that only you and she would know?

Ky: We fooled around in a spare bedroom of her grandmother’s house after her great-grandmother’s funeral.
Lisa: Jesus, I don’t think that’s what they meant! Why would you even bring that up?!
Ky: I’m sorry! I panicked! It was the first thing that came to mind!

You say to Ky that you don’t want to lock them in a monogamous relationship… yet. Do you have your eye on any girls?

Tara: Well, I don’t got my eye on anybody really. I just want Ky to be happy. I ain’t sayin’ I won’t ever take advantage of an open relationship if we keep goin’ that route. Or maybe just a lil’ fling, a threesome, whatever. I just lost my virginity, so who knows what kind of stuff I end up enjoying?
Ky: You realize you just put like… a ton of thoughts into people’s heads, right?
Tara: (Grinning) Ya think I did that by accident?

What are your feelings on cats?

Tara: Is this a trick question? I feel like there’s somethin’ bein’ implied, here… eh, anyway. I don’t hate cats or nothin’. I just like dogs better. Even if I wanted a cat, I couldn’t have one with Geri and Freki around. Freki would try playin’ too rough and I’d be afraid the cat would kick Geri’s ass.

Was your rifle (with the runes on it) a gift, or something that you crafted yourself?

Tara: Now hold on a sec! That gun with the runes on it only appeared in Ky’s dream. I gots my own shotgun that Grandma left me, but I ain’t used it in the game yet so y’all don’t know nothin’ about it!

Even if I lived as long as B and had Sophia’s knowledge, I’d never find anything as beautiful as you nor the words to describe you, what is your secret?

Tara: Hahaha… what a fuckin’ simp!
Rain: Tara, be nice!!!
Tara: Sorry, sorry… my secret? Genetics, I guess? It ain’t like I put on a buncha makeup or nothin’.

Tara are you going to visit Reba soon?

Tara: I sure am! Or… I already did? I ain’t sure about how the timelines go with Come Home and Book One of Mythos…

Can you recite to us some epistolary exchange between Cecil and Tara’s granny? That stuff must be spicy… please… I will never again say “fo’shizzle ma’muzzle”.

Sophia: Well, for one thing, you should never again say that regardless of my answer. You should do that for yourself. At any rate, as far as possible correspondence between the two… I am not privvy to anything that may have been said between them. My abilities only extend to documentation created by mundane mortals, and Cecil — being a Mage — does not fall under that category.

What is your most embarrassing story about B?

Sophia: Ah… well there was this time where Nikola Tesla–
B: Hey, hey, hey, no!!! Not that one!!!
Sophia: … fine. But you owe me, Ba’al.
B: Yes, yes, I owe you!
Sophia: But there was the time that Zeus stole a bunch of Ba’al’s followers–
B: He did that to a lot of people!
Sophia: –while in the form of a marmoset.
B: … Marmosets are cute. It wasn’t fair.

Where you ever in love (or lust) before Kyle?

Sophia: Definitely. I will not elaborate.

Do you have a favorite book, and if so what is it?

Sophia: I think when you ask this question of any avid reader it is most difficult, as so many different works can resonate with us for various reasons. When you compound that by me knowing the contents of every book ever written by a human being… you surely can see how this is a nigh-on impossible que–
Tara: It’s “Space Raptor Butt Invasion” by Chuck Tingle.
Sophia: … really?!

If someone writes something on paper by hand, does your power let you know what is written instantly, or do you have to decipher the hand writing and/or translate the language?

Sophia: Oh, if only it were so easy! It has to be something intentionally made with the intent of indefinite documentation; for example someone writing a book, or filling out a form. Additionally, all such documents do not appear in the forefront of my thoughts as they are created. Even with my Celestial mind that would be… maddening. I have access to all mortally documented information at a moment’s notice in my own thoughts, but I need to actually actively think about it. That is why I did not instantaneously know about the discrepancy with Gaia’s Cradle having no legal documentation.
Rain: Well, yeah… and you also had to make it look like you weren’t just pulling information out of nowhere.
Sophia: Correct. I may have also wanted a salad.

Did it live up to your expectations?

B: Oh… hm. I mean, not really? People keep talking it up like it’s some kind of huge thing, you know? But once you finally experience it, it’s just… kinda not that big of a deal. It’s kind of a boring slog, really.
Ky: Geez… ouch…
B: Plus it’s like four hours long or some shit–
Sophia: Um… Ba’al, what do you think they were asking you about?
B: The Snyder Cut, right? Like the DC movies are hardly ever good, so I have no idea why people worship this one.

How the hell did you sync your orgasms with thunder?!

B: Being an Angel of Lightning has it’s perks — dramatic weather effects being one of my favourites!

What is your most embarrassing story about Sophia?

Sophia: (Glaring) Remember, you owe me…
B: Unnngh… pass.

Since you are, shall we say, “genre savvy” and in the know, I ask you, who did you enjoy more during sex: Kylie or Kyle?

B: Kylie, for sure! Not because of a gender perference or anything, there’s just less fluids flying around. Not as messy. I like to keep things tidy.

Can you fly and will we get to see your lovely irresistibly beautiful wings in game (not the tattoos, the real deal)?

B: Sure, I can fly, but as for seeing my wings… maybe? I don’t really need them for anything. They’re more of like… an embodiment of an allegory. These “mostly human” forms are something a lot of us settled on as one way of showing ourselves to mortals as more than human, but without being as freaky as rings of eyes or entites of non-Euclidean geometry. Some of us use wings, some did animal heads, one guy just stayed invisible and made people think he was a voice in their head. Fun stuff.

The first words you said to Ky were “pay me all the attention Nelson, I’ll hit you with some truth” approximately. How can you be speaking the truth when you inserted yourself into Ky’s memory “Dawn style” (a Buffy reference)? And your demand for Nelson’s attention makes you either an overly-attached girlfriend, even though you two weren’t dating, or a needy angel. So… did you kill Lisa or did you alter everyone’s memory so they would believe she’s dead? Assuming you’re responsible for the presumed murder.

B: (Slow blink) … that feels like more than one question, but I can try to tackle it. For the first part, I didn’t exactly insert myself into Ky’s memory; she just assumed I was someone she knew and I never corrected her. Not exactly something ethically great, but if I could fuck with her head to that degree I would have done a hell of a lot more mental twisting as either an “overly-attached girlfriend” or a “needy angel”. As for the second part, the answer is a lot easier; I’m not responsible for Lisa’s murder.

But like I keep telling Ky: Don’t take my word for it. Look into everything on your own and you will see who did it.

Also, I said “fuck you up with some truth,” which — like so many other things in Mythos — is a reference to something.

Why do you wear glasses?

Rain: So I can see, of course!
Tara: E’rybody knows you don’t need ’em to see!
Rain: Why else would I wear them, then?
Monica: Pigtails, glasses, hippie clothes… could be part of some image ye wanna project.
Rain: Really? You want to talk about projecting false images?
B: Fight! Fight! Fight! JERR-Y! JERR-Y!

What was the best part about a romantic relationship with Cecil?

Rain: Um… I… never had a romantic relationship with Cecil…
Cecil: Oh, thank heavens you said that. I was worried I’d just forgotten!

Since you yourself are a fairy godmother, what did the Grimm brothers get wrong about your kind?

Rain: They got so much wrong, but got just enough right. The best part about it all is that if I don’t correct people’s misconceptions about Fae, I have an advantage. I’m not about to give up that sort of advantage.

How does it feel to be the most gorgeous character in the game?

Rain: Oh, it’s wonderful, really! I love standing out! (Noticing the rest of the cast glaring at her.) Were you expecting me to disagree? They’re right!

Will we see more of your new roommate Jizzabelle?
Will any more of your kind show up?

Rain: Eventually, yes; but not much — if any — in Book One.  Nine has enough on their plate as it is without having to deal with new arrivals!

Ever thought about working for the God-Emperor if this police thing don’t work out?

Mara: I feel like this is a reference to something nerdy my cousin would get… or maybe Ky would?
Ky: I think they’re talking about some space king on a life-support toilet?
Mara: Yeah, forget I asked.

I know it is the players choice on if you indulge Sylvia’s request in chapter 3, but was there perhaps a part of you that hoped Sylvia would use her teeth and take your blood?

Mara: Oh… um, oh. Well… no, I knew she wouldn’t, she explained–
Sylvia: They didn’t ask what you knew… they asked what you’d hoped.
Mara: (Squirming) Well, that’s just insane… heh… why would I want to lose blood?

Is the “Lisa” that showed up at the end of Chapter 3 a time-displaced version of you that co-exists in the now?

Lisa: Hmm… “time-displaced?” No.

Are you the cat?

Lisa: What? No! Hasn’t this been answered before? Why can’t a cat just be a cat with you people?

Do you regret like not getting to fuck Monica before you died and would you make up for that if you could?

Lisa: Yikes, that’s a rough question… um… no offense, Monica, but…
Monica: No, I get it. 

In the first Ask the Cast, you speculated “What are they going to do, kill me twice?”  With the ending to chapter 3, would you like to revise and extend that statement?

Lisa: (Smirking) No.

Did you (as Shield of Clemency) ever ERP with Ky / Nadia and if so how embarrassing will that be when they remember?

Monica: Oi, I never got into that ‘ole role-playin’ business. I’m on the game to do me fights and none of that fluffy bollocks.
Ky: Don’t you spend like… two hours a day fishing?
Monica: While I’m waitin’ on me dungeon queues to pop!
Ky: You’re a tank! You don’t have dungeon queues!!!
Monica: Some o’ them fish are used for raid food buffs…

Why did you call your online persona “shield” when you seem to have a “shoot first, ask later” mentality on the job?

Monica: It’s ’cause I’m a Paladin main, fer one fing. But also, I always wanted to do me part in protectin those wot can’t protect ’emselves. That’s why I’m in the Bureau. Supposedly.

And ‘ey, I only shot once, and it was at a werewolf!

Ky, Tara, Lisa: “Marry, Fuck, Kill”

Becki (With an I): Hmm… marry Ky..
Ky: Wow!
Becki (With an I): What? You’re kinda stable! Fuck Tara…
Tara: Wow…
Becki (With an I): Come on! I bet you’re a wild woman! And kill Lisa.
Lisa: Wow.
Becki (With an I): I mean… you’re the only one with experience!

How did you decide on your dog’s name?

Becki (With an I): Oh, Sitri? I think saw it in a book or something when I was little and thought it sounded cute. Like “sit, Sitri!” is fun to say!

You mention TikTok and Instagram, but do you stream on Twitch? OnlyFans?

Becki (With an I): I’ve actually started doing some makeup and chat streams on Twitch! It’s kinda fun to interact with fans in real time. As for OnlyFans, I dunno… I dunno if I have what it takes for that kind of performance.

Are you a vampire?

Rami: Well, right to the point. Nice. No, I’m not a vampire.

How would you characterize your relationship with Baraqiel: Friends, sisters, lovers, some combination (presumably not all 3), only someone you used to know?

Rami: Hmm… I’d say… estranged friends, maybe former coworkers? It’s kinda up in the air right now. 

To Rin/the Cat: Does the fact you were with the band made it possible to give your invitation to Ky?

Rin: … why do people think I’m a cat? I just ate a burger at a gala and ate another burger in a diner. Is this cat behavior?

Are you a friend of Tara’s?

Rin: Tara who?

Now can you tell us what kind of supernatural you are and can it shapechange (say… into a cat)?

Rin: could tell you what kind of supernatural I am, but pretty sure Nine would be unhappy about that. I don’t wanna piss off someone who could drop a piano on my head.

To Ashe: Is Area 42 your first encounter with the supernatural or have you met others?

Ashe: I’d never met any before the band… I don’t think? I mean… I could have, I guess! 

To Anna: You have some amazing tattoos, are the two sleeves and the widow all of them or are there more?

Anna: Ohhh, there’s more. You may get to see them, some day.

To Echo: How would you describe your singing, like would you consider having a range important, or is it all kick ass metal growling/screaming?

Echo: Range is very important to me. I actually try to avoid doing a lot of screamy stuff because I don’t want to fuck up my voice. Without my voice, I ain’t shit.

To the awesome band that rocked the gala: are you an alt-reality version of Nelson’s crew?

Rami: Oh… like how they had the bizarro group in Seinfeld? That’s funny. Like I’d be B and Ashe would be Ky?
Echo: Who would I even be?
Anna: You’re angry a lot, so probably Tara.
Echo and Tara: HEY!

The name inspiration seems obvious (it’s an Area 51 reference), but where does the 42 part come from? Hitchhiker’s reference? A deep and abiding love for the band that released “Something About You”? The 42-letter Name of God in Judaism? Something else?

Rami: Oh, it’s a Hitchhiker’s Guide reference for sure. Our name used to be “The Gargle Blasters”, but we changed it when our guitarist left.

Do you have any particular method you favor for staving off the ennui of immortality?

Sylvia: I don’t have any set methods for that, but I’m also not that old, especially as far as vampires go. I know it’s something I’ll have to face eventually, which was part of why I was agreeing to assist Lisa in her research. It was something to delve into.

Is Carl really a vampire or are you partaking with him in a pretend make believe so he could escape from a bad familiar situation?

Aiden: (Grumbles)
 Aiden is really a vampire, and I brought him into our world of my — and his — own free will. His contributions to my endeavours has been immeasurable. 

Could vampires drain someone’s life force without permission, and if yes, could’ve your mother fed from Mara without her noticing?

Aiden: Well, we can feed without permission, and it’s indeed possible for it to be done undetected. But to feed in such a small amount would do nothing for the vampire. In order to gain any real sustenance, the energy drawn out would be notable, and the vessel would know their energy was being drained. For this particular case with Mara, it wouldn’t have made any sense for my mother to try to be subtle; she wasn’t feeding for sustenance, but to try to make Mara tired enough to sleep. I don’t see what Sylvia would have gained by feigning otherwise…

How is it to be Tara’s grandad?

Cecil: I… don’t know how to answer that? Do I answer that?
Nine: (Shaking their head)

What was the best part of a romantic relationship with the Valkyrie?

Cecil: Ahhhh, Herja. She was so fierce. Passionate. I met her when I was overseas, during the war. She was taking the guise of a medic, at the time, but it turns out she was sneakily getting some time in the field fighting the Axis alongside the other Allies. There was plenty of supernaturals working secretly in the war… on both sides, sadly. She actually gave up her immortality for me, you know. I wish we hadn’t split up… she made good sausages, too! She would actually grind and stuff them herself with this old–
Nine: Okay, that’s enough, now. Let’s move on.

To the grumpy guy from the Convocation: Favorite Coldplay song?

Desmond: “The grumpy guy?” That’s very rude!
Luna: How did you know they were talking to you, then?
Desmond: … what the hell is a Cold Play, anyway?
Ky: It’s demonic conjuring masquerading as whiny music.

Did you leave you car’s lights on in the parking lot?

Desmond: What? How could I have… bah, I should go look just to be certain. 

(While Desmond is gone) Have you stumbled across any interesting records about the Pillar of the Primordial?

Violet: Ooooh, we’re not supposed to talk about them! But like… I remember Lisa was interested in them, kinda? Like she said something about that wall where all the Convocation leaders’ faces are glow–
Desmond: (Returning from the parking lot) My lights were not on! Wait, nobody else had questions for me? Violet has six? She’s barely even in the damned game!!!

What’s your role in the Convocation?

Violet: I’m just a practitioner, I don’t have a title or anything. I’m part of the Pillar of the Practical, under Madam Luna.

How is it to study at the convocation?

Violet: Weeeeeeell, the Convocation isn’t supposed to be a school, but a gathering place. More like a magical hangout, I guess… but everyone keeps telling me to study stuff because apparently I do things wrong. Mostly what they tell me to focus on is how to control my effects, because… how did Madam Luna put this? I’m “like a speeding semi going downhill with no steering wheel or brakes.”

What is your favorite creature (real or mythical)?

Violet: Oh, my favourite creatures are mythical! 
Cecil: I think they wanted to know which one specifically, dear.
Violet: Ohhhh. Seals.
Rain: I thought you said your favourite creatures were mythical…?
Violet: There’s a lot you don’t know about seals.

Did you go to college before joining the Convocation, and if so what was your major?

Violet: Oh, I’m a nurse! That’s my like… non-magical job. 

How many gallons of coffee you drink per day?

Violet: I’m a nurse, so… a lot. At the Convocation not so much because Madam Luna drinks it all.
Luna: I drink coffee to make people tolerable.

Since there are Celestials going by A and B, who’s C?

Ennai: You joke, but there may be a C coming soon…

Bro, can you set me up with Grandmaster Mylla?  Or you’re not from Ul’dah?

Ennai: What? What the hell are you talking about?
Ky, Monica, and Nine: (Laughing hysterically)

What’s your most embarrassing story about Tara?

Tara: Oh, no, c’mon now…
Edda: Most embarrassing? No, no, I shouldn’t publicly humiliate her like that.
Tara: Aww, thanks grandma!
Edda: Nobody wants the world to know they kept a journal of pictures of their best friend with hearts drawn over it because they harboured a lifelong crush.
Tara: … you bitch.
Edda: Or that they still have it.
Tara: You bitch!
Lisa: See? It’s great being dead because people can’t do shit to you! You can say whatever you want!
Edda: I’m starting to see that, now!

(Doing my best Joey Tribbiani impression) How you doin?

Lilith: Regretting this, already. Do I have to take part in this?
Nine: If you want to continue existing, yes!
Lilith: I’m weighing the merits and flaws of that, now…

You are seriously hard core, are there parts of you that a mortal might consider redeeming features or not totally scary?

Lilith: I honestly do not give the faintest bit of thought to what mortals may think of me. “Redemption” would require me to consider mortal ethics in anything I do, and I refuse to weigh myself down with… morals.

During the gala, you gave rather evocative names to the cast (Valkyrie, etc).  In the same way, how would you describe yourself?

Lilith: The Queen of the Void.
B: Is… that a spoiler?
Lilith: Do I look like I care?

Sorry you didn’t have much screen time. Can you tell us if your attacker (in the Tales of Mythos story featuring you) appears in the game?

Jessica Lee: (Swallowing the mouthful of coffee she was taking and scrambling to put on her microphone) Shit, I thought everyone had forgotten about me. Hi! Yes, my attacker does appear in Mythos: Book One.

Where would you look for the murderer of Lisa, now that another Lisa showed up but with altered memories?

Jessica Lee: Well, I’m no detective — I’d leave all that in Mara’s capable hands, but sadly her hands have been a bit tied by the police suspending her. But as a journalist, the very first thing I would do was question Lisa to see just what memories she retained. Sometimes finding what’s not there is more important than finding what is.
That’s how Obi-Wan found Kamino!
Tara: You big ol’ nerd.

Are you on the Cult’s payroll?

Barry: I can assure you — I’m only being paid by the Maryland State Police department, and nobody else.
Tara: Aw, damn. I’m sure ya broke the hearts of everyone looking fer yer porn site.
Mara: (Faking retching noises)

Now that you’ve been adopted, did you have the chance to get to know the people around here? Anyone you like or dislike in particular?

Jizzabelle: I’ve only been in one scene so far, and it was hidden, so not really. I got to talk to Rain a little bit for my first picture in the Mythos world, and she seems okay, I guess. This crowd is a lot less chaotic than the Harem Highlander crew, so it’ll take some adjustment.
Mara: This group is less chaotic???

Main Waitress/Diner Owner: What had you so shocked when talking to the green-haired waitress in the diner in Chapter 3?

Main Waitress: Oh, at that time… I think she was telling me about what was going on with her game’s chara–er–her friends. In that scene, she may have been telling me about Kendra…

Do you have any unusual stories to tell since the murder of Lisa?

Main Waitress: We try to stay away from that part of the story. We’re just observers.
Green-haired Waitress: Kinda weird that Ky came to the diner every single day, though.

Who the fuck thinks a pickle sandwich would be a good idea? I know the USA and good culinary taste are antinomic, but there are still some limits…

Pickle Waitress: You will not disparage the good work of Michael Pickleseller!!!

What’s up with the cat getting all the attention?

Geri: (Sits stoically, but his ears droop a little)
Freki: (Makes a small whimper)

What do you think of quantum entanglement?

Both dogs: (Slowly tilt their heads, confused)

Weren’t those Odin’s ravens? Are you spying on Ky as requested by Tara?

Tara: Hold up, hold up… fer one thing, y’all are talkin’ to my dogs. Fer another, Odin’s ravens were named Huginn and Muninn! Goddamn!

What is your most interesting allergy?

Ky: I’m allergic to tea! Like any tea. If I drink it, I get sick to my stomach.
Tara: I actually can’t drink Dr. Pepper. It makes my throat close up.
Lowman: I’m allergic to both cats and dogs.
Violet: Shellfish!
Melanie: You’re allergic to shellfish? Weren’t you just eating a full pound of shrimp last week?
Violet: Huh? I wasn’t listening, I thought we were talking about food.
Lowman: But I just said “cats and dogs!”
Violet: I wasn’t gonna judge. That’s cultural appropriation!
Luna: (Sigh)

To Tara, Rain, Monica, Mara, Becki (With an I), Rin, and Violet: What are you sizes (Bust + cup, waist, hips)? We have a total lack of information for not-porn-but-with-nakedness-in-it game.

Becki (With an I): 32C-24-33!
Tara: What?! Becki, you ain’t gotta answer that!
Becki (With an I): What if they were asking so they can buy us stuff?
Rain: (Quickly) Oh! Then 34D-25-38!
Tara: Rain!
Mara: Why would anybody wanna know this? Is this like those weird Japanese games where they talk about blood types?
Rin: (Chewing on a burger) You all measure yourselves? That’s weird.
Becki (With an I): Well, yeah… we need to know when getting clothes.
Rin: Oh. I never worried about that.
Becki (With an I): So how do you–wait, are those my Shimmerpink leggings?! I’ve been looking for those!
Rin: Um… I gotta go.
Violet: Is this about coffee, again? I heard something about cups!

To the Celestials and other Immortals: What did you like the most when observing human history up till the 21st century?

Sophia: Seeing the advancements humanity makes in so many things! Such ingenuity as they delve deeper and deeper into exploring the innerworkings of the universe to better underst–
B: Porn.
Sophia: Seriously?
B: Well, kind of. Think about the arc they’ve gone through! At first sex was something they had to do, right? Then as they developed their civilizations there were a bunch of different groups that, for some reason, wanted to shame sex and make it this “dirty” thing. But now there’s pushback against that, but it’s not going back to “we fuck because we need to survive” but “we fuck because it’s fun”. That’s a cool development, isn’t it?
Ennai: Oh, well, fuck. I was gonna say something about lingustics, but I’m changing my answer to porn, now.

To the Hangover Burger: Why are you so delicious?

Main Waitress: When arteries get clogged, food just tastes better. 
Pickle Waitress: Ehh… I don’t care for them. 
Main Waitress: Well of course not, you’re a vegetarian!

To Lisa’s old Beetle: Are you jealous of the screen time of Tara’s truck?

Becki (With an I): Ohhh, that’s your car in my photo?
Lisa: Not anymore… I don’t think. Does car registration expire when you die?

To the werewolf signaling that he wants to answer a question too: Dude, you’re not real.

Hypothetical Werewolf: :'(

To Lorebook-chan: Can you show me the murderer’s entry?

Lorebook-chan: You’ve already seen it…

Whew!!! That took a lot longer than I thought it would! 

I know some of you may not have gotten the answers you wanted, but this bunch isn’t always the most forthcoming with their information. You may nave better luck next month with “Ask the Dev!” I’m definitely far more straightforward and never misleading with my answers. Definitely.

At any rate, thank you all for your questions, and keep the legends alive! 

– Nine ♥