Welcome, everybody, to the first of our new “Ask the Cast” segment! 

Over the past week, you’ve been submitting questions to the cast of Mythos — either out of curiosity about the game world or just trying to get some clues about the mystery of Book One.

I’ve divided these questions into sections to make it kinda flow well. There are times when questions were really similar to each other, in which case I combined them so the answers wouldn’t come twice. 

Since Jessica Lee won’t be running this, I guess we can just begin!

Q: How is it in the band, so far?

  • Ashe: It’s been a-fuckin’-mazing, for real! It was so weird; they all liked me right away. Took me in right after my audition, like they didn’t even need to hear anybody else. I don’t even know how many people tried out before me! But yeah, Rami’s been super cool about having me on board, Anna’s been nice, Echo… well, Echo’s a very talented singer. 

Q: You told Jessica Lee of WETT 6, “So I keep finding ways to pop up whenever I can.” How do you plan to know where the action is?

  • Becki (With An I): Well, that’s part of being an influencer, but I know most people don’t know what this life is like. You gotta like… know the pulse of the crowd. It’s really hard to describe to people who can’t understand it.

Q: Ha ha ha! That’s a good one, but I didn’t mean to get you off-track, Cecil. Anyway, what were you saying about that hidden danger you were worried we might come across?

  • Cecil: (Dazed) Eh? Oh, right… with all of the supernatural factions in the world, especially crowded around Baltimore, of course, it seems that treaties and pacts are the only way to prevent a sort of… ah… apocalyptic event. But I don’t know if that’s possible when there’s so many powerful, volatile personalities in positions of power.

Q: Do you get embarrassed if your player indulges in ERP?

  • Garland: What, now?! Errrp? Is that some sort of vile creature from the Labyrinth of the Elders???
  • Nadia: Sex, Garland. They’re asking about sex.
  • Garland: What’s this about my “player”, then?
  • Nadia: You don’t always have to be IC, you know!
  • Garland: … fine. As long as they’re not doing weird stuff with animals, I’m okay with it.

Q: [Edward Spoonyhands] Hey, Garland, do you have room in your guild for a 5th level bard?

  • Garland: Ah… you’d have to ask Nadia.

Q: Are evil and good merely concepts formed from the ignorance of mortals, or do they exist as outside forces that influence the lives of all?

  • Lilith: Evil and good simply do not exist. Morality is a construct built by greedy mortals who sought power, putting themselves upon pedestals while committing they very worst of the acts they claimed to be against. It was simply a way to win at their game by setting rules for others that they didn’t have any intention of following themselves. So long as you humans continue to cling to “decency” as if it’s a real thing, you’ll continue to be trampled beneath the feet of those who know that the only way to win is to realize the rules are illusions. 

Q: Have you tried bondage?

  • Rin: (Tilts her head confused, then looks at Lilith) Why did they ask you and me this question together?
  • Lilith: (Sighs) Because mortals are imbeciles.
  • Rin: I don’t even know what they mean…
  • Lilith: The only bondage I indulge in is bonding the weak-willed into eternal servitude. 

Q: Do you ever have dreams where you wake yourself up trying to talk or calling out?

  • Luna: Bold of you to assume I sleep

Q: [Edward Spoonyhands] Hey, Nadia, do you have room in your guild for a 5th level bard?

  • Nadia: Oh, um… you’ll have to ask Garland.

Q: Who would you say are Area 42’s biggest influences?

  • Rami: Oh, dude, that’s a good one! I think the biggest influences on our sound would be Black Sabbath, AC/DC, the Offspring, Deep Purple, Motorhead… wow, there’s a lot, yeah. But for me personally getting into music, I guess Leon Theremin.

Q: I didn’t get a chance to look at the Fame and Nature Guide yet, but from the name can I assume it includes well known preserves, such as, oh say, Sourland Mountain?

  • Sylvia: (Lightly laughing) Ahh, someone’s been doing their homework, hmm? Indeed the preservation of sites such as Sourland Mountain is within the purview of the Fame and Nature Guide, indeed! As you have surmised, I am named after that Sylvia DuBois, but there’s no relation I assure you. She’s simply an inspiring figure.

Q: You are adorable. Can I please add you to my collection?

  • Violet: What… what are you collecting? Do I get cheese?
  • Desmond: Violet, no.
  • Violet: Desmond says no.

Q: Do you think the Farseer family asked too much of FitzChivalry?

  • Violet: (Visibly confused) I, um… I’m glad he’s dead! (She sets her face into a scowl as if she knows what she’s talking about)

Q: Care to talk about the scrolls you’re carrying?

  • Violet: They’re magical! And I finally figured out how to use them, so I was gonna go do that!
  • Desmond: (Sighs heavily)

Q: What’s the secret ingredient of the Hangover Burger?

  • Waitress: If I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret! But it’s definitely grease.

Q: Are you the Goddess?

  • Waitress: That’s a weird question! If I were any kind of goddess, I’d probably have better things to do with my time than watch theatre kids belt out showtunes in my dining room at 3 AM. 

Q: As long as we each buy food at some point, do you mind if my friends and I sit at the back booth playing D&D for like… a few hours? We’re gonna need a lot of coffee, but we’re good tippers!

  • Waitress: D&D? I could let that go, so long as you’re not playing 4th Edition. Oh, and don’t clip your toenails at the table, like the last group did…

Q: How is it to serve all those, um… let’s call them “unique personalities”?

  • Waitress: It does seem like Baltimore really attracts the weirdness, doesn’t it? For the most part it’s fine — the weirdest ones are surprisingly often the best to serve. They don’t make many demands and leave decent tips. It’s the “regular” people that suck to serve… bunch of entitled pricks.

Q: What is the strangest thing you have seen at work?

  • Waitress: Well, there was this one time I went up to a table off in the back corner and I heard someone ask this tall blue-haired girl if she was in a cult. I thought it was a weird date question, but… then that same person was back the next day with a different girl. Then they were back the day after that to pick up a to-go order. And, believe it or not, they were back the day after that with a different girl… and another girl came up to their table. Basically, this one person keeps showing up with different girls like they’re in some kind of harem game.

Q: Pspspsps

  • Cat: (Slowly blinks, then grooms herself)

Q: Meomme meem emmememm mewme’m meomemem memeom emeowm mew, meom mew meow meo mem e meem mem, mememome emem e meome-meemeo.  Em meow eme meowm meo mem memeomemeome?

  • Cat: (Pauses in her grooming to stare for a moment, then goes back to grooming.)

Q: What is your real name?

  • Cat: Mrrrr?

Q: Why did you kill Lisa? 

  • Cat: (Struts out of the room, but not before nuzzling a can of Dr Pepper over)
  • Echo: Dude, my soda, what the fuck???
  • Desmond: (Pushes back quickly to avoid getting splashed)
  • Cecil: (Barely noticing what’s happening until there’s soda in his lap) Oh dear, my pants are cold and sticky, now…
  • Ky: Title of your sex tape!

Q: How did you manage to get interested in computers and stuff?

  • B: I just think they’re neat! But seriously? I just always did really well with electronics and shit. It’s like technology speaks to me. Or maybe I speak to it. There’s communication, there.

Q: 12.4.24… 9.4… 6.4.5……… 22.12.2… 9.8……

  • B: iizpd adary bvpft jxrhz qpxcy sfuid owuso kmskl ryhkn jxuan bn

Q: 010010000110111101110111001000000110110001101111011011100110011100100000011001000110100101100100001000000110100101110100001000000111010001100001011010110110010100100000011110010110111101110101001000000111010001101111001000000110010001101111001000000111100101101111011101010111001000100000011010000110000101101001011100100010000001101100011010010110101101100101001000000111010001101000011000010111010000111111

  • B: 4e 6f 74 20 61 73 20 6c 6f 6e 67 20 61 73 20 79 6f 75 27 64 20 74 68 69 6e 6b 2e

Q: To B – or not to be?

  • B: Oooh, aren’t you a clever one?

Q: What do you think of Kylie?

  • B: Kylie specifically? Not Kyle? (Snort) I’m gonna assume you mean Ky or K-Cup or whatever you named them when you started the game.

    Ky is pretty cool. Eh kills aliens and doesn’t afraid of anything. 

    That meme may be too old for y’all, let me try this again.

    Ky’s an awesome person that needs some guidance to realize just how awesome they are. Hopefully by the end of Book One they’ll have some idea. If they survive.

    Oops. Was that a spoiler? ;D

Q: Can you share with us some of the unique challenges inherent in being a person of quantum-uncertain gender?

  • Ky: Honestly, for me it’s not that difficult. It’s pretty fun watching the others have to struggle to refer to me in gender-neutral terms.
  • Kylie: Let’s be honest, though; we all know I’m the canon one.
  • Kyle: I mean… she’s right. 

Q: If Nine lets you have a prequel, what would you like it to be about?

  • Lisa: Oooh… I think they actually has an idea like that already, a prequel with me as the main character. The problem is… not many people wanna play female protagonist games, so I’m probably never gonna get that. So I’ll just be dead forever.
  • Tara: That’s how death usually works, ain’t it?
  • Lisa: Shut up. 

Q: Is there sex after death?

  • Lisa: For the dead person, no. For necrophiles? Yeah, but it’s gross. 

Q: What first attracted you to Kylie/Kyle?

  • Lisa: Oooh, I like this one! Back in high school, I was in the dance company and Ky was in the drama club. For the spring musical the director asked me to come do some of the choreography for the musical numbers, and asked me to kinda… make it simple, because most of the actors weren’t exactly dancers. But Ky like… well, Ky wasn’t really graceful. But they tried like hell, and asked if I could give more pointers because it was their first big role. So we spent time alone together, and… well, leave two teenagers alone and you get what happens.
  • Tara:

Q: Can you tell us about how you got your promotion to Detective?

  • Mara: Heh, didn’t expect anybody to ask about this. I came down to Baltimore from Plattsburgh because they were looking for cops in the City, and I didn’t wanna work for the NYPD, and definitely didn’t wanna go to Philly. I ended up getting into the State Police instead, which turned out great.

    There wasn’t some one “big break” that made me a detective, though — it usually doesn’t work like that. I just worked my ass off, made sure to educate myself, and also did detailed reports when reports were called for. That’s probably the biggest thing; Detectives’ reports are crucial to investigations, so if you can’t write a good report you probably won’t make it to Detective. 

Q: So, Monica. Other than, “shooting first and asking questions later,” and “opening fire without a warning,” do you have any other hobbies or fetishes? Or is it mostly just the whole shooting lasers at strangers thing?

  • Monica: Bloody ‘ell… I don’t think I’ve pondered shootin’ at strangers ’till just now… As for me ‘obbies, when I get the time I like to muck about online, mostly. 

Q: Ever thought of mucking the Waitress’ barn?

  • Rain: Um… 
  • Tara: I think he’s askin’ if you wanna fuck ‘er.
  • Rain: Oh! Naw, hon. She’s got enough to do as it is.
  • Waitress: Ain’t that the truth…

Q: Do you ever go the renfair and just “Fae it up,” and let people assume it’s costuming and tricks?

  • Rain: Well, ya know I just live up the street from the Faire, dere. I did get tempted one year an’ let my glamour slip to see what people said, but ain’t nobody said nothin’ ’bout it. Though I did hear someone mutterin’ about how my makeup looked nothin’ like what a fae should look like…

Q: Is the government hiding any records acknowledging the existence of extra terrestrials or the use of their technology?

  • Sophia: Well, I do not work for any of the governments, of course. However, I can say that the existence of anything that the US government believes to be extra-terrestrial is kept quite well-hidden — though how much of what they encounter actually is extra-terrestrial is another matter entirely…

Q: Will you marry me?

  • Tara: … so we’re startin’ off like this, huh? Where’s my whiskey…?

Q: What you gon’ do with all that junk? All that junk inside your trunk?

  • Tara: ‘Ey, I keep my truck bed clean most o’ the time! 
  • Ky: (Whisper something to Tara)
  • Tara: What? My ass? Well, what the hell d’ya think I do with it? 

Q: Do you like belly rubs? Provided they’re from “the right person,” of course. Also, please don’t hit me, I’m softer than I look…

  • Tara: I think I’m startin’ to understand why Monica’s lookin’ to shoot at strangers…
  • Monica: Right?!

Q: Was IT worth the wait?

  • Tara: I ain’t really big on horror movies, but that kid from Stranger Things is pretty good I reckon. I honestly ain’t even seen it, yet.
  • Ky: You’re such a fucking smartass…
  • Tara: You sound like one o’ those fieldies.
  • Ky: Fie–
  • B: (Slaps her hand over Ky’s mouth) It’s a trap!!!

Q: Underwear – yes or no? And if yes, what kind (cotton, lace, latex, silk, etc)?

  • Ky: Yeah, but just basic crap. I’ve been single a long time.
  • Tara: Whatever’s on sale at Wal-Mart. Ain’t no point puttin’ on fancy lace things when they’re jes’ gonna get ripped right off.
  • Sophia: I do not understand why this is even being asked. It seems irrele–
  • B: Sophie’s just sayin’ she doesn’t wear any.
  • Sophia: That is not–
  • B: It’s alright, I’m not wearin’ any, either!
  • Sophia: I assure you I do not care. Nor is that even accurate!
  • Rain: I’m not wearing any, either, Sophia.
  • Sophia: But I am!
  • Mara: Definitely, always. As for the kind… it depends on if I plan on having them seen or not. 
  • Monica: None o’ yer bloody business, innit?
  • Lisa: I’m dead so, like… whatever I was wearing when I died, I guess. 

Q: How do you feel about your creator?

  • Ky: Pass.
  • Tara: Oh, hell naw. I ain’t goin’ there.
  • Sophia: I am quite certain that anything I say here can and will be used against me.
  • B: Nine? They kick ass, sometimes. Other times they’re too sensitive. And are they Ace or what? Like they’re a real fuckin’ horndog if they are, but they say they are… hey, am I starting to fade out of existence to anybody else?
  • Rain: Oh, hon… this is like askin’ bout yer momma when she’s sittin’ next to ya. 
  • Mara: I’m not gonna talk about them before my chapter’s even been released! Are you nuts?
  • Monica:
  • Lisa: The cunt killed me off. How do you think I feel about them?
  • Monica: Lisa, oi!!!
  • Lisa: What are they gonna do? Kill me twice?

Q: What’s your hair color?

  • Nine: Medium brown, I guess I’d say… what? Technically I am the murderer!

(Nine’s Note: I won’t be having EVERY cast member answer EVERY question; that’d be insane.)

Q: What is your favorite food?

  • Cat: (Jumps back up on the table, sniffing at the spilled Dr Pepper)
  • Rain: Oh, ey… looks like the cat likes ‘er some soder.
  • B: Right now, I gotta say it’s the Hangover Burger.
  • Waitress:  I can’t believe you can eat that thing…
  • Tara: Beer.
  • Ky: That’s not food, Tara… 
  • Violet: Chile-lime candies!
  • Sylvia: … pass…
  • Echo: Sushi. But it’s not like anybody asked me anything else. Fuckers.
  • Becki (With An I): Pizza! (Looks around at everyone’s expression) … what, you didn’t think I’d like pizza?
  • Nadia: Coffee Biscuits! They give me a 30 minute gathering buff!

Q: Where were you when Lisa was murdered?

  • Nine: This was the night of Saturday, May 31st, 2020 — just so nobody reading this thinks that everyone here happens to know when Lisa was killed. 
  • Lisa: Ohhh, this should be good.
  • Ky: I’m pretty sure most of us were asleep… it happened in the middle of the night, right?
  • B: Oh, yeah, I guess you’d be asleep at that time, if you were fuckin’ lame. I was at the diner, I think.
  • Waitress: (Sighs) She was. Because I was, too.
  • Cecil: I think that was the night I got lost in the archives…
  • Desmond: I was looking for Cecil in the archives; and eventually I found him. He was sleeping in the Alchemy section.
  • Becki (With An I): I was putting all my stuff back after recording a bunch of TikToks. I have to clear enough room so it looks like I’m in an empty space.
  • Rami: I was hanging out with Rin.
  • Rin: Heh…
  • Sylvia: I was in Philadelphia that night, meeting with that branch of the organization. 
  • Violet: I was trying to figure out how to cast that fireball spell… but I figured out a workaround.
  • Tara: I was workin’ a late shift that night.
  • Sophia: I was at home, watching a film.
  • B: “A film?”
  • Sophia: Does it really matter which?
  • B: Yeah, ’cause I bet it’s embarrassing! 
  • Rain: (While B and Sophia bicker) I was at home with a few associates; I left the greenhouse early that day to meet with ’em, and our talkin’ went on real late.
  • Mara: Hah. That was when I was in my garage all night fixing shit. 
  • Monica: I was out on an emergency assignment all the ways out in Edgewood. 

Q: I bet you wish people would stop asking fucking questions right?

  • Ky: I think some of us are upset that we didn’t get any!
  • Anna: I’m cool just chillin’, to be honest.

And that’s all we got for this round! I think it’d be best to save the next Ask the Cast for after the release of Chapter Two. Oh, wait… there’s one last question…

Q: When is the update?

  • Nine: When it’s ready.

Keep the legends alive! 💜