For anybody old enough to remember the Madonna song: You’re welcome for the earworm!

So by now you’ve played Chapter Three, right? If you haven’t… go do that, then come back.

Let’s try this again!

So by now you’ve played Chapter Three, and you may have noticed some new characters in speaking roles. Other than anybody appearing in the diner, you may have noticed what could be described as “visitors from other worlds.” You may have been thinking “damn, do I get to bang these new hotties?”

First, have some class!

Second… you can! Just not in Mythos. They’re love interests in other games. Let me tell you a little bit about them!

Reba (Come Home)

When you gave Tara a call at home, it was perhaps a little surprising that someone else picked up the phone. Tara explained that was her cousin Reba, made some vague allusions to her bathroom activities, and went on to tell a tale of magic and makeovers.

But who is this “Reba,” really?

Reba may only be a small part in Mythos, but you can see more of her (a lot more) in Come Home by my bestest dev friend RJ Rhodes! It’s a mystery set in the fictitious city of Skyhill, where you’re called back to your childhood home because your father has gone missing. From there, you encounter a staggering variety of characters, each with their own dedicated storyline. Seriously, there’s so much there that I haven’t even seen it all.

Reba is one of the many love interests you can find as you plow your way through the population of Skyhill and maybe kinda-sorta think about where your dad went.

If you’re really observant, you’ll see that Tara has made her way to Skyhill herself, at some point!

Athena (Bare Witness)

When Kylie (or Kyle, I guess) settles in for some gaming, she gets a Discord call from an old gaming buddy – a pretty punky girl named Athena. Now I know what some of the uninitiated may think: “This is Mythos… could that be the actual goddess Athena?”

Well, no. The Athena that Ky gets mocked by isn’t from Olympus, but from the mystical realm of… Upstate New York. You can visit this bizarre and foreign world in Bare Witness by AlterWorlds games (a duo of devs: Storm and some golfer guy that wants to bang my mom).

In Bare Witness, you take on the role of a young man going off to college. Sounds very simple and straightforward, right? Well you’d be wrong! Stop interrupting me! You soon find out that you’ve moved to Plattsburgh due to mysterious circumstances. And while you do, indeed, find yourself in very close proximity to a group of sexy ladies, the darkness that you’re running from is quickly catching up to you.

And you know who’s from Plattsburgh? Mara MacLachlan. Yes, that Mara MacLachlan. You may just run into her while playing Bare Witness… 

Now that you’re done Chapter Three (right?), you should definitely take a look at Come Home and Bare Witness. I know I’m playing both, before I get back to the grindstone and start working on Chapter Four!