Mythies, hi! It’s your fave girl Becki (With An I) here to give you the weekly news about what’s going on with th development of Mythos! Nine managed to scribble down some notes for me between sobbing into their 5th cup of coffee taking ten Aleve as “maintenance medication”.

(Developer’s Note/Edit: I do not actually do this.)

This week was a pretty big milestone for Chapter Three, since Nine finished upĀ all the renders for the game (which is apparently the most time-consuming part). With that, they can move on to the last bits of music and some code… wait, hold up. No more renders?

I think Nine made a mistake in these notes. I don’t think they did nearly enough renders of me this time. I’m supposed to be one of the main characters, right? Let me just look through the older posts really quick, BRB.

WTF! I’m not even a love interest? What the hell am I even–A SUSPECT?

No, don’t give me that “everyone is a suspect” shit, I did not agree to this! I’m gonna lose so many followers if people think I’m a murderer! Nobody wants makeup tutorials from a killer! They just want podcasts and miniseries… and biopics… and documentaries… and books… fan sites…

Where was I? Oh, right! Nine is finishing up the final beta build, which should be going into testing next week. Depending on how many bugs are in there, you could be getting your hands on Chapter Three really, really soon! The Patreon and SubscribeStar people have already seen preview renders of what to expect. You’re that much closer to finding the killer!

Is it me? I dunnooooo… maaaaaaaaaaaybe…

Be sure to like and subsc–shit, sorry, force of habit. What does Nine say? “Keep the Legends A Lie?” Yeah, let’s go with that.