Heyo, Mythies! Welcome to Friday!

I got some real “future of Mythos” serious (?) stuff to talk about, but first let’s talk about what I did this week!

I finished up renders for one of the more excruciating scenes this week! I also spent some time rendering a bunch of side images, because Daz “fixing” things broke them. Basically, my existing side images were all done using ghost lights. Then Daz updated in a way that broke ghost lights. That wouldn’t be an issue, of course… had I never had to make any new side images for existing characters. Which, of course, I did! For example: Tara had no “thinking” expression (take from that what you will), and Becki (With an I) had no “sad” one. So I had to redo theirs, else you’d see them looking very differently when changing to and from their new expressions. Plus I have a few characters added that had no side images before (Athena, Reba, Madam Luna, and a few surprises).

Now on to the heavier topic: What’s going on with Mythos? I’m not talking about the delay in getting Chapter Three out (that’s been well-documented, and an excellent study in why I’m never going to give release date estimates), but what is going to happen with Mythos moving forward.

I’ll get the easy part out of the way with the current Mythos installment — Book One. I haven’t formally said anything about it because my outlines kept changing things around. The story and the main beats have been nailed down from the beginning (things you see in Chapter Three will prove I’m not “winging it”), but everything in-between was in constant flux. Characters who were going to have more screen time have had it reduced or deleted (my apologies to Jessica Lee), while characters who weren’t supposed to have any impact at all are having somewhat enlarged roles (hope y’all like Violet). I’ve now got the outline nailed down to the point where I can confidently say that Mythos: Book One is going to have five chapters in total. Possibly six if I do the ending in a way that I’ve been knocking about in my brain. One concept I have in my head is that at the end of Chapter Five, when you have all the information you can get, you make your accusation… then, a short while later, I release the finale as a short “Chapter Six” where you see the conclusion and deal with the fallout from who you point the finger at. The only reason I’d split that off into it’s own little chapter is because it’d be little to the player, but it’s a lot on my end — I have to program and render over a dozen different endings for each person you can accuse. This also means Chapter Six would have no sex at all, but I don’t think that’s a big concern in any Mythie’s mind.

“But Nine!” you cry to the heavens, chopsticks clutched in your hands because maybe you’re eating lo mein or sushi or Cheetos or something, “what comes after Book One?!”

The smartass in me wants to say “Book Two,” but for once I will not be a smartass. Partially because I don’t want you throwing lo mein at me.

I’ll publicly reveal why Mythos: Book One is called “Book One”, and it’s a really good reason — I couldn’t think of a proper title. My plan was to reveal the title at the end, and have it be something spoilery so that it’s something that couldn’t be said without revealing something about the game. Even then, I still can’t come up with a better thing. But now I don’t have to.

Book One has always been me writing an introduction to the larger world of Mythos. As far as the game goes, the plan was to release more games that explore more and more of the world. Learn about Vampire society, the Bureau, the Fae, and other non-werewolf supernaturals (even if werewolves did exist, I am not going to focus an entire game on them!). As I worked on Book One, I got the itch to expand on it beyond the game. That’s why we have things like the character interviews and Tales from Mythos. I thought I was giving people some fun extras to enjoy between updates.

But what if they aren’t extras? 

The future of Mythos is going to include more games, of course, but not just more games. Instead of Mythos being a game series, I could have Mythos be an entire setting. I’m going to keep doing the stories (perhaps even longer short stories, or even whole-ass novels), but there’s other ideas I’ve toyed with. Webcomics is one thing I’ve always wanted to do, and I could see some side-stories of Mythos fitting that story well. Maybe shorter one-shot games focused on particular characters. Basically I’m taking a more MCU approach and diversifying ways to be part of the world I’ve created. 

As such, I’m actually going to formally state that I’m not just a dev for the games, but the creator for a plethora of Mythos content. Mythos was always more than just a game for me, so why not make it more than just a game for the audience as well?

There’s more discussions coming about that, too. Will future games be longer? Shorter? Will I change the main character? Different time periods? I didn’t want to overstuff this update (I think I already have), so we’ll save that for later. Maybe another “Ask the Dev” after Chapter Three. 

EDIT: There’s more adult games in the future, and possibly non-game adult content — sorry if there was any confusion there. 

Chapter Three General Progress:

  • Side Image Re-Revamp 163 images – COMPLETE!
  • Story Flow Chart – COMPLETE!
  • UI Improvements – COMPLETE!
  • New Music Tracks
    • As Above, So Below – COMPLETE!
    • Geraldine – COMPLETE!
    • Seventy-Five Year Trauma – COMPLETE!
    • Modred’s Legacy – COMPLETE!
    • Codito Ergo Sum – COMPLETE (again)!
    • The Dark Depths of Despair in my Blackened Soul (I’m Dead) – COMPLETE!
    • Herja’s Elegy
    • ???
  • Learning After Effects – COMPLETE!
  • Introduction Scene by Nine – COMPLETE!
  • Creation of New Characters – COMPLETE!
  • New Mythos Logo (commissioned) – COMPLETE!
  • Sex Animations – (Probably not happening)
  • Chapter Three Title Screen
  • Organization of Daz Assets – COMPLETE!
  • Achievements (4/4)
    • No Takesbacks! – COMPLETE!
    • Trust No One – COMPLETE! 
    • Friendship is Magic – COMPLETE!
    • The Stinger – COMPLETE!
  • New Opening Title Sequence – COMPLETE!
  • Integration of “Tales from Mythos” – COMPLETE!

Chapter Three Scene Progress:

  • Scene: Apologies to the Serling Estate – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: A Little Help from my Friends – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: Yeah, About That… – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: It Goes to 11 – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: Shantay, You Stay – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: Your Call is Very Important to Us – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: Reach Out and Touch Someone – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: Fancy – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: The Lyin’ Bitch and her Wardrobe – COMPLETE!
  • Scene: Cry Little Sister – COMPLETE!
  • Scenes Still In Progress:
    • 2 Sex Scenes (Need Coding and Renders)
    • Fuck the Police (Need Renders)
    • Ah, My Goddess! (Need Renders)
    • Touched by an Angel (Need Renders)
    • Magic, the Gathering (Need Renders)
    • Grumpy Old Men (Need Renders)
    • Werther’s Original (Need Renders)
    • Ventrilo Harassment (Need Renders)
    • It’s Been Revoked (Need Renders)
    • Who Ya Gonna Call? (Need Renders)
    • My Immortal (Need Renders)
  • You can throw lo mein at me, I’m starving!

Keep the Legends Alive.

– Nine